Hot Springs Series



Tackling hot springs all over the country, one destination at a time.




Hot Springs Series: Sand Dunes Swimming Pool, a desert oasis

Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes are a wonder to behold. Literal mountains of sand—always shifting, morphing, and glowing against a scenic mountain backdrop—exist, a little out of place. These mounds of sand tower over inhabitants and visitors, transforming Mosca, Colorado into a Sahara-like desert.

Nearby this place where sand covers all who dare to wander is another awe-inspiring attraction. Glistening waters await…Read more



Hot Springs Series: Old Town Hot Springs Brings the Fun

Water has a way of bringing us together.

My husband put it simply last weekend, when we spied children donning swimsuits and floaties and contagious smiles. “Man,” I said, “kids really love the water.”

“We all do,” he replied. “You can do things in the water that you can’t anywhere else. It’s like living a dream.”

After splashing, floating, and treading—feeling weightless and rejuvenated, it was hard to disagree. Water is whimsical, youthful, and therapeutic…Read more



Hot Springs Fall Morning

Hot Springs Series: Glenwood Hot Springs

If there’s ever a good introduction to hot springs, it’s at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.

The resort, which is equipped with a lodge, athletic club, spa, and the gigantic pool for which its named, is a community staple—offering its healing waters to the public since 1888. Visitors come to soak and enjoy the mineral-rich, geothermal pool, which is considered the largest hot springs in the world.

Glenwood Hot Springs has two pools: a large, football field-sized pool set at a comfortable 93 degrees, and a smaller 104-degree therapy pool. There are lap lanes, diving boards, water slides, bubbly chairs…Read more