Tackling hot springs all over the country, one destination at a time.




Find Your Peace at Avalanche Ranch

What do you get when you mix rugged mountains, quiet seclusion, eclectic lodging, family-owned charm, and tranquil hot spring pools? A stunning getaway at Avalanche Ranch.

Avalanche Ranch is located near Redstone, Colorado, and is summed up perfectly as a picturesque vision of what the Rocky Mountains are, can be, and should be. The quiet property is tucked away from any hustle and bustle, overlooking the Crystal River and surrounded by breathtaking views of Mt. Sopris….Read more


Hot Springs Series: Sand Dunes Swimming Pool, a desert oasis

Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes are a wonder to behold. Literal mountains of sand—always shifting, morphing, and glowing against a scenic mountain backdrop—exist, a little out of place. These mounds of sand tower over inhabitants and visitors, transforming Mosca, Colorado into a Sahara-like desert.

Nearby this place where sand covers all who dare to wander is another awe-inspiring attraction. Glistening waters await…Read more



Hot Springs Series: Old Town Hot Springs Brings the Fun

Water has a way of bringing us together.

My husband put it simply last weekend, when we spied children donning swimsuits and floaties and contagious smiles. “Man,” I said, “kids really love the water.”

“We all do,” he replied. “You can do things in the water that you can’t anywhere else. It’s like living a dream.”

After splashing, floating, and treading—feeling weightless and rejuvenated, it was hard to disagree. Water is whimsical, youthful, and therapeutic…Read more



Hot Springs Fall Morning

Hot Springs Series: Glenwood Hot Springs

If there’s ever a good introduction to hot springs, it’s at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.

The resort, which is equipped with a lodge, athletic club, spa, and the gigantic pool for which its named, is a community staple—offering its healing waters to the public since 1888. Visitors come to soak and enjoy the mineral-rich, geothermal pool, which is considered the largest hot springs in the world.

Glenwood Hot Springs has two pools: a large, football field-sized pool set at a comfortable 93 degrees, and a smaller 104-degree therapy pool. There are lap lanes, diving boards, water slides, bubbly chairs…Read more