Making a splash at the new Sopris Splash Zone

Sopris Splash Zone

It’s hot springs season, baby! Actually, hot springs are a year-round activity in Colorado, where winter soakers can enjoy that extreme temperature juxtaposition and summer swimmers can squeeze in a refreshing splash.

I like both experiences, though warmer months tend to offer more activities at the facilities. At Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, for example, summer means riding the new adventure river, called the Shoshone Chutes.

Adventure River???

Far from a lazy river, the Shoshone Chutes is a brand-new addition to the world’s largest hot springs pool. Soakers can now head to Glenwood Hot Springs and enjoy the fast-paced tube ride without any extra cost, coming out dripping wet at the end.

Sopris Splash Zone

The name references the nearby Shoshone rapids on the Colorado River, and the ride replicates the whitewater rafting experience in a 3-minute span. There’s either single or double tubes, and riders twist and turn and splash their way through the sandstone curves.

It’s meant for kids of all ages, though there’s a height requirement to ride. Honestly, it’s a blast as much for adults as for the shrieking kiddos. Maybe even more fun, since heavier riders go much faster. Thanks for that, gravity.

Sopris Splash Zone

The Shoshone Chutes are part of the new development on the west end of the resort, known as the Sopris Splash Zone. Other recently opened developments include a zero-depth-entry pool, two small water slides named after the famed Hanging Lake, and a splash-pad-turned show-stopping Grand Fountain.

Sopris Splash Zone

All of these new features are fun and exciting, and just happen to draw families and young children toward the west end, leaving the eastern side of the pool a little more peaceful and relaxed—an ideal retreat for therapeutic hot springs lovers.

My Experience at the Sopris Splash Zone

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is one of my clients in my full time job; we do PR for them. My hot springs passion has been a neat side project as I write about them on my blog, but GHSR is a professional connection. I love this pool, and I love telling the world about them. But really, I also just enjoy going there on my own.

Because of my job, I got to ride the Shoshone Chutes for a photo shoot, and we used those pictures for the grand opening press release. It was wild and fun, and not at all scary. I went down the ride 4 times in my afternoon, though we got all the photos we needed almost immediately.

Sopris Splash Zone

For mine and Chad’s Date Day, I took us to the pool purely for Chad to experience the Shoshone Chutes as well. Since it’s a summer-time ride, our time with the Chutes is limited, and I wanted to make sure that he enjoyed it before the season ends.


If you have the chance, check out the new additions to Glenwood Hot Springs. There’s nothing quite like the Shoshone Chutes in this state, and even with my clear bias, it’s a ton of fun.

And don’t forget to protect your skin; sunshine is everywhere here.


Sopris Splash Zone

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  1. Oooh! I didn’t know there are hot springs in Colorado!! I need to really make an adventure out of my next trip there. Glad you enjoyed your time out in the Glenwood Hot Springs! I love how everything looks natural with the rocks and such :).

    Nancy ♥

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