4 Must-See California Hot Springs

Though it might seem as though hot water and California don’t mix, I challenge you to think again.

Hot springs, which are made from geothermal water sources below the earth, are packed full of minerals and don’t have to be fiery-hot; in fact, many hot springs mix their source water with a cooling agent (aka, cold water) to make the temperature just right.

For example, the source spring in Glenwood Springs comes out of the ground at a temperature of 140 degrees. It’s cooled down to 107 degrees for the therapy pool at Glenwood Hot Springs, and even further to a perfect 93 degrees for the large pool. This range is ideal both for summer and winter, simultaneously able to both keep the freezing cold at bay and also make for a refreshing dip during a heat wave.

These California hot springs, all located in the city of Desert Hot Springs, each have something to offer, with an original take on a classic pool of hot water. Check out these widely diverse geothermal soaking experiences.

Two Bunch Palms


For a scenic drop into a tropical oasis, Two Bunch Palms fits the bill. This luxurious and high-end resort is known for its lush landscaping, luxury spa, and intimate hot springs options.

If you’re in the Desert Hot Springs area, Two Bunch Palms is a must-see destination. Explore the property, book a treatment, or sign up to soak in the resort’s healing waters. If nothing else, lounge by the pond and admire the serene image of ducks splashing with palm trees in the background.

El Morocco Inn and Spa Resort


If you’re interested in a themed accommodation that truly gets things right, consider the El Morocco Inn. Located in Desert Hot Springs, this hotel is like stepping into North Africa. The property is splattered with authenticating decor, from beautiful patterns to drapery to iron-clad windows, with charming pinks and purples and blues and boutique rooms.

Front and center is the hot springs pool, which is kept at a perfect temperature. Guests are free to enjoy the geothermal water, grab a drink from the outdoor bar, and dance along to the Moroccan music playing in the background.

Aqua Soleil Hotel and Mineral Water Spa


A truly boutique experience is guaranteed at Aqua Solei. This hot springs property has several rooms inspired by American pop culture—check out the art-deco installations or the Hollywood themed options.

The hot springs are perfect, with two hotter options and a larger, cooler pool. For the ultimate upgrade, be sure to choose a room with a private hot springs Jacuzzi. The party is at your disposal with those private and one-of-a-kind features.

Miracle Springs Resort and Spa


An affordable resort option is Miracle Springs, which has a spa, lush landscaping, great Desert Hot Springs views, and several soaking options. You’ll feel like you’re on a California vacation when staying here, especially with palm trees, pool-side drinks, and a retro feel throughout the property.

Each of these California hot springs should be a priority on your west-coast soaking list.

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