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Program Review: 21 Day Fix

fitness program reviewAbout: Created by trainer Autumn Calabrese, 21 Day Fix is a Beach Body program designed for beginners, offering both daily workouts and a fitness plan to follow. Each workout is 30 minutes, including a warm up and cool down; the seven workouts are designed to be repeated daily for three weeks…Read more


A journey, not a destination

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While I can’t say that fitness is my passion, I can admit that I spend much of my time thinking about it.

Growing up, I was athletic and naturally skinny, to the point of being marginally underweight. I did all the sports and ate all the food. Stress was a constant in my life, and I liked to react with food—a trait that I did not give up easily over the years, even when my lifestyle became more sedentary. One thing has remained the same: I do not like to exercise. I’m not a fitspo account or an endorphin junkie. I’m a girl who prefers to be tricked into burning calories—i.e. a group sport—and has the hardest time overcoming that hurdle.

College came and went, and during that time of incredible change, hardship, and growth, my body gained…Read more.