The Heat Spread Round the Town: Geothermal Energy in Pagosa Springs

Written on behalf of client Visit Pagosa Springs, for their website's blog and various pitching efforts.

The Heat Spread Round the Town: Geothermal Energy in Pagosa Springs

The Great Pagosa Hot Spring draws visitors year-round to soak in high-temp waters. The aquifer does even more behind the scenes, providing geothermal energy across Pagosa Springs, Colorado, to businesses and homes alike.

As sustainability and eco-friendly practices are changing the landscape of modern energy, Pagosa Springs stands ahead of the curve. Thanks to the Great Pagosa Hot Spring (the world’s deepest hot springs aquifer, as measured by Guinness World Records), geothermal energy flows throughout downtown, supplying a green natural resource to local businesses, organizations, and residences.

  • Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership. At the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP) site, hot springs water is used as renewable energy to sustainably produce food year-round. The GGP is a nonprofit organization which exists through spring-heated growing domes, harboring specific crops and produce. Three greenhouse domes are planned: the first is dedicated to education, the second will be used as a community garden, and the third will be a site for innovation and scientific advancement. The second and third domes will be installed and operational in 2018.
  • Riff Raff Brewing Located in downtown Pagosa Springs, Riff Raff Brewing Company is a must-stop beer shop. Beyond tasty IPAs and ales, the brewery is known for its innovative use of geothermal energy, earning their tagline, “Earth Powered Beer.” Riff Raff uses its proximity to the deepest hot spring in the world to supply heat to both their building and the brewing tanks holding their domestic beverages, using a geothermal heat exchanger.
  • Pagosa Springs. Since 1982, downtown Pagosa Springs has also been powered by the local healing waters, funded by the Department of Energy. Now owned by the town, the geothermal heating system has 15 customers—both residential and commercial—including schools, churches, office and retail buildings, the brewery, a bank, Town Hall, and two homes. The sidewalks are also maintained through the hydronic system, keeping them clear of snow and ice.


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