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Santa Fe, all day

Santa Fe is an ode to beauty. The place is a piece of artwork, ever-evolving into a masterpiece, thanks to its endless trail of history, energy, intention, and the people that collaborate and contribute to its visage every day.

When we went to Santa Fe for the holidays, it was a wholehearted reunion with one of my very favorite places. And I was lucky enough to enjoy it with people I love and can’t get enough time together. It was an amazing escape.

Our four days in the land of green chile, adobe, and enchantment was highlighted by excursions, experiences, and most of all, food….Read More


Back to Nature at the Denver Botanic Gardens

There’s something familiar about the wild.

In Gunnison, where I grew up, there are more fields than parking lots. Cows outnumber people, grazing along highways and wandering through mountain roads. You can get lost in the stars almost every night, if you remember to look up.

When I moved to the city for college, I found it difficult to truly find a place where I could escape. It felt impossible, with herds of people finding their place in an urban, very concrete, habitat.

That is, until I found the Denver Botanic Gardens. It happened poetically—literally—since I…Read more



Hanging Lake, a local natural wonder

Nearby our home, there is a high-alpine travertine lake with crystal-clear waters. A grandiose waterfall plummets as the source, and a log sits, suspended, from the shore.

Maybe you’ve heard of it?…Read more



10 Things to Pack for a Fall Camping Trip

In Colorado, the weather is unpredictable. It’s just as likely to snow on the same day that starts out 65 degrees and sunny. You know this, I know this, we all know this.

For some reason, though, my husband and I decided to try our luck at camping, during Colorado’s more vulnerable and unpredictable seasons: autumn.

Other states might have the luxury of a very defined fall, where temperatures start to slowly drop and snow does not rear its white glisten until the winter solstice. The leaves might just have time to fall, gently, and at their own pace, if you don’t live in a place with seasonal reckless abandon.

While that’s simply not the case in Colorado, there are definite perks…Read more



Weekender Photo Spree: Local Fall Colors

I live for fall colors.

While autumn often comes with its own set of baggage and emotions, it also brings a full force of beauty. Colorado’s high-altitude leaves never disappoint.

My husband and I have made it our mission to experience as much fall color as possible; this season is short-lived in the mountains. They come with a vibrant rush, and fall…Read more


Hot Springs Series: Sand Dunes Swimming Pool, a desert oasis

Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes are a wonder to behold. Literal mountains of sand—always shifting, morphing, and glowing against a scenic mountain backdrop—exist, a little out of place. These mounds of sand tower over inhabitants and visitors, transforming Mosca, Colorado into a Sahara-like desert.

Nearby this place where sand covers all who dare to wander is another awe-inspiring attraction. Glistening waters await…Read more


Back to the mountains in Steamboat Springs

I have a thing for Colorado towns.

It’s part of why my husband proposed to me in a resort town under the stars, why we got married near our favorite hometown mountain, and why we picked jobs that moved us closer to the best slope in the state.

It’s also a big reason we decided to pack our bags to Steamboat Springs to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary…Read more


Weekends are for pajamas and fall drives

Every once in a while, my husband have a free weekend to ourselves.

As fans of leisure, we usually spend these sacred days lounging around—we’ll sleep in, surf Netflix for a movie or two, maybe play a game of rummy, and stay in our pajamas for as long as possible. We’re two introverts that love to recharge, and sometimes there’s nothing better.

During our last free Saturday, we decided to leave our house for a bit, and take a preemptive fall drive. The autumn colors in our area are notoriously gorgeous…Read more


Diamond Dreaming with the Grand Junction Rockies

The saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” usually asserts an appreciation for shiny, expensive rocks.

In my case, it’s a little different.

I love baseball. I love everything about it, from the field to the history to the camaraderie to the sport itself—the rules, play making, and thrill of situational understanding…Read more 


Hot Springs Series: Old Town Hot Springs Brings the Fun

Water has a way of bringing us together.

My husband put it simply last weekend, when we spied children donning swimsuits and floaties and contagious smiles. “Man,” I said, “kids really love the water.”

“We all do,” he replied. “You can do things in the water that you can’t anywhere else. It’s like living a dream.”

After splashing, floating, and treading—feeling weightless and rejuvenated, it was hard to disagree. Water is whimsical, youthful, and therapeutic…Read more


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Photo credit: Bobby Jones

Brewery Hoppers: Barrels & Bottles

I’m a gal that appreciates brews.

I didn’t think I’d ever love beer—with a gluten sensitivity and a strictly-sweet pallet, it seemed like my fate was tied to vodka drinks and a cider here and there. My home-brewing husband was worried that I’d never find something he could make. However, I lucked out the day that my good friend introduced me to a drink called “cherry kriek;” it was fruit-based and tangy, and started my torrid affair with sour beer.

While I might enjoy a Coors Light at a sporting event or swallow down a PBR on a camping trip, I have the most fun when I can try new and exciting drinks: the fruiter, sweeter, and sour the better.

This new series is dedicated…Read more


Glenwood Springs Scenic Aerials 1032.jpg (Large)
Credit: Visit Glenwood

Weekend in Glenwood Springs

I absolutely love to spend time with my parents.

Since my older brothers left the nest when I was entering middle school, I’ve spent lots of one-on-one time with my parents—from long road trips to sporting events to exciting vacations as I got older, and everything in between.

These days, my husband and I are very fortunate to live only an hour and a half away from my parents. They are a ton of fun, and we all get along famously. We’ve had plenty of adventures together, filled with a wide spectrum of activities.

Recently, my parents packed up their beautifully posh and chic Airstream, and chose our neck of the woods as a glamping spot. We treated the weekend as a staycation, and spent our time together exploring, trying new things, and getting to know our area—Glenwood Springs, Colorado—a little better…Read more 

sioux city

Sioux City for the Weekend

A few weeks ago, my husband and I, in true #weekenders style, packed a bag and traveled to the Midwest for a quick weekend trip. We flew from Denver into Omaha, and drove into Sioux City, Iowa: my birthplace, the land of red beer, and an oasis of never-ending construction.

Nearly every trip back home, which combines squeezing in family, a favorite restaurant or two, and coordinating who-sleeps-where at my grandparents’ house, is a whirlwind. This trip was no different, though this time around…Read more

Hot Springs Fall Morning

Hot Springs Series: Glenwood Hot Springs

If there’s ever a good introduction to hot springs, it’s at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.

The resort, which is equipped with a lodge, athletic club, spa, and the gigantic pool for which its named, is a community staple—offering its healing waters to the public since 1888. Visitors come to soak and enjoy the mineral-rich, geothermal pool, which is considered the largest hot springs in the world.

Glenwood Hot Springs has two pools: a large, football field-sized pool set at a comfortable 93 degrees, and a smaller 104-degree therapy pool. There are lap lanes, diving boards, water slides, bubbly chairs…Read more



Backyard Adventures: Rifle Falls

Right after college, my husband and I moved to New Castle, Colorado. It’s located on the western slope, nestled in the mountains, nearby larger towns Glenwood Springs and Rifle.

Upon our arrival, our time was frantically divided between wedding planning, settling into new jobs, unpacking our home, and getting the lay of the land. We didn’t have a lot of time to explore our new surroundings, and had bits and pieces of adventure rather than diving right in…Read more