“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Tom Schulman, Dead Poets Society



Twitter T-What??

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Sometimes being in charge brings twists and turns.

During my time at the CU Sentry, I held positions of power where my voice carried significant weight. One year, as Editor in Chief, I was literally in charge of the entire operation. And while I loved and cherished every single moment—from making editorial decisions to hiring fresh perspectives to the “from the editor” above my weekly column—there were some times that were harder than others.

When it comes to newspapers, the Editor in Chief has a lot of editorial responsibility tacked onto their name and title. While praise gets passed onto the staff as a whole (it is far from a one-woman show), criticism typically goes straight to the person…Read more

Time to Remember

12642931_10208579469107080_6707647931644616880_n#ThrowBack to my sweetheart.

Today we are celebrating 7 years together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chad, I love you, and I always will…Read more




All Spooked Out

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It’s spooky season.

For all my witchy, vampire-loving, all-black wearing sisters and brothers out there, I see you. It’s time for you to shine (omniscient, more like an eerie half-glow) as the shadows grow and Halloween looms. This month is yours. Take it, love it, embrace it.

I don’t want it…Read more

You can steal my car, but you can’t steal my support system

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When I was in college, I decided to throw an end of the semester party, right before the holiday vacation. We all—my roommates, friends, and then-boyfriend (now husband) made it through a particularly tough term, and deserved a chance to celebrate.

It was pretty Christmas-y, with tinsel and holly decorations, a themed cocktail menu, and a pile of Santa Hats for a photo opportunity. I scoured my Pinterest boards, created a Facebook event page, and even sent digital invitations with a jingle attached. Even with the pressure of final exams and papers, I was able to plan this party with full effort.

How could I know, then, that this night would turn…Read more

Married at 22: A Year Down


Attention everyone: a year ago, today, was the best day of my life.

There was vodka, burgundy, and dancing. Family, donuts, and fall colors. The air was brisk, my dress was off-white, the mountains familiar. More than one pair of eyes glistened, while laughter and sincerity radiated throughout the evening, keeping us warm.

If I had to make a list of things I’ll never forget, it would begin and end with beautiful moments…Read more


How to Deal with Bullies as an Adult

HOW TO DEAL WITH BULLIES AS AN ADULTIn my 23 years on the planet, most of them have been drama-free. This is a quiet badge of honor; I don’t advertise it, or really talk about it much, but I lead the life of the peace-keeper.

I credit this to some of my favorite traits: I’m empathetic, compassionate, sensitive, and kind-hearted. Some of my not-so-good qualities contribute too; I also avoid conflict like the plague, I’m insecure about drawing attention to my feelings, anxiety runs rampant through my veins, and my default aggression is…Read more

Academic laziness is not a feat

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Here’s the deal: I’m an adult. As much as it might not feel like it, especially on a day-to-day basis, I am a full-time employee with a degree, a husband, and a car payment. I might be a millennial version—one who surfs social media, takes an occasional selfie, and is a little too attached to my phone—but one nonetheless.

But there are times when I think back, maybe to simpler times, when I was less of an adult and more of an impressionable student…Read more

Never Have I Ever, still going strong


Never Have I Ever is a popular game for inquisitive middle schoolers, high school athletes on long bus rides, and college kids who like to drink.

People gravitate toward drinking games because consuming booze isn’t quite entertaining enough…Read more



Married at 22: Hot Take

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Life as we know it is filled with hot takes. Solicited or not, there they are. We see them as we scroll through Twitter, they are discussed in length on talk shows, we hear them through the group chat, and sometimes we are told, face-to-face, how our choices rank.

As an independent person, I don’t tend to ask for advice or help; when people reach across my barrier of reluctance, I see it as a sign of compassion. I’m open to opinions. Usually.

There are some cases, though, where I’d rather throw away those unsolicited two cents, and trade them for something I can actually use…Read more

Feelings of Fall

Sunlight Mountain Resort in FallFall is coming, and I have to prepare myself. Every year, this season gives me pause in many ways. It’s so tightly wrapped in nostalgia, but sloppily and uneasily so.

While I confess that fall is my favorite, it also is emotionally difficult. The terrain is complicated to traverse. Good things continue to build, while the things I once cherished stay put in the past…Read more 

Writerly Women

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Women, you inspire me.

You’ve written your way out, broke through an audience’s veil, and made my journey in writing that much easier.

Here is one my previously published columns, featured…Read more


Married at 22: the best things about me are NOT you

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My husband Chad and I are coming up on seven years together, and one year married.

Throughout this time, we’ve gone through a lot—hurdles, successes, and nearly every milestone that comes up in a young relationship’s highs and lows. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve grown a lot. This growth has come independently and as a couple, and likely won’t stop anytime soon.

I hope to explore “married musings,” to sort through these experiences, and whatever lessons pop up along the way…Read more

Steady Bloom

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Artists, I think, tend to doubt. As passionate and determined as we often are, there are still pieces of us that drip in skepticism and wade in the dangerous waters of comparison.

I’ve been there. Really, I’m still there, on and off. There are good days and bad days, where I start off knowing I’m on the right path, and then wandering off trail.

In 2016, when I was particularly overwhelmed, I detailed my insecurities…Read more

Married at 22: (non) Identity Crisis

22528713_10214340322404812_4792318563999468304_oIt can be easy to let labels run our lives.

A few years ago, I opened a door that I haven’t quite been able to wedge shut. It was Christmas vacation: I’d watched a film with my parents and nestled onto the couch with a hefty glass of wine. I don’t remember why inspiration struck, but I remember tweeting, very innocently, “thank goodness for #feminism.”

The darkest depths of the Twitterverse opened…Read more

Method of Maintenance

47751_1619526890947_4937162_nGrowing up, I knew two things to be absolutely true:

  1. Doing anything difficult at all builds character.
  2. Practice makes perfect.

My household, as you can imagine, had a strong emphasis on goals and success. My parents, now married for 31 years, ran things in a similar way to their partnership: with a lot of love, support, creativity, and room to grow.

I have always had very clear priorities…Read more


Daily Dose of Sunshine


There’s a popular phrase weaving its way through social media; young people are saying it everywhere, from Tweets to memes to Instagram captions. Users are dripping with both sarcasm and authenticity as they type, “I’m just over here living my best life.”

I’m a young millennial. The culture that stems from viral posts, including memes and Tumblr language, is not new to me. I’ve caught myself saying, “what are those?!” and have used more than one or two hashtags in my time as an internet connoisseur. Part of my job description even…Read more