“Beauty without expression is boring.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


My favorite face mask

My favorite face mask

When you are an oily-skinned queen with a heavy history of acne, you get to know face masks. I’m a fan of masks that help to reduce that pesky oil on my forehead, while also soothing redness and scarring.

Among all the products I’ve tried (and I have tried a lot), one has remained a constant. Luckily the container it comes in is huge, so I haven’t had to restock yet. I know, however, that when the time comes I will definitely place another order.

My go-to is…Read more

Fall Photo Shoot

Savannah 97I have noticed that when it comes to successful bloggers, they usually thrive on social media when they have vibrant visual representation.

What do I mean? Beauty is privilege, especially if you want to be recognized online. Bloggers, whether they are in fashion, travel, baking, book review, or lifestyle niches, perform best when they are attractive. Most notably, they thrive when they have professional photographs taken…Read more