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Money talks, and this house-saving millennial wants to listen.


Budget Challenge: Spend less than $1k

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My husband and I desperately want to buy a house.

Each month, we are spending $1300 in rent. While that’s considered a steal in our area (Aspen is nearby, and we suffer the consequences of living in the same valley as an elite resort town), we’d rather be putting that money directly into something that’s ours, instead of into our landlords’ pockets (despite how lovely they are).

Additionally, I want a dog. Honestly, I want a dog more than I want…Read more

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Beauty, baby


“Beauty without expression is boring.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Fall Photo Shoot

Savannah 97I have noticed that when it comes to successful bloggers, they usually thrive on social media when they have vibrant visual representation.

What do I mean? Beauty is privilege, especially if you want to be recognized online. Bloggers, whether they are in fashion, travel, baking, book review, or lifestyle niches, perform best when they are attractive. Most notably, they thrive when they have professional photographs taken…Read more

Health & Fitness


health and fitness

Being the healthiest version of myself: methods of diet, self-care, exercise, and emotional well-being, as a companion into a new chapter of life.


Program Review: 21 Day Fix

fitness program reviewAbout: Created by trainer Autumn Calabrese, 21 Day Fix is a Beach Body program designed for beginners, offering both daily workouts and a fitness plan to follow. Each workout is 30 minutes, including a warm up and cool down; the seven workouts are designed to be repeated daily for three weeks…Read more

A journey, not a destination

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While I can’t say that fitness is my passion, I can admit that I spend much of my time thinking about it.

Growing up, I was athletic and naturally skinny, to the point of being marginally underweight. I did all the sports and ate all the food. Stress was a constant in my life, and I liked to react with food—a trait that I did not give up easily over the years, even when my lifestyle became more sedentary. One thing has remained the same: I do not like to exercise. I’m not a fitspo account or an endorphin junkie. I’m a girl who prefers to be tricked into burning calories—i.e. a group sport—and has the hardest time overcoming that

College came and went, and during that time of incredible change, hardship, and growth, my body gained…Read more.



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Here’s my contribution to the online obsession with listicles—an eclectic blend of tips, tricks, satire, and helpful collections to get you through the day.


10 Things to Pack for a Fall Camping Trip

IMG_7551In Colorado, the weather is unpredictable. It’s just as likely to snow on the same day that starts out 65 degrees and sunny. You know this, I know this, we all know this.

For some reason, though, my husband and I decided to try our luck at camping, during Colorado’s more vulnerable and unpredictable seasons: autumn.

Other states might have the luxury of a very defined fall, where temperatures start to slowly drop and snow does not rear its white glisten until the winter solstice. The leaves might just have time to fall, gently, and at their own pace, if you don’t live in a place with seasonal reckless abandon.

While that’s simply not the case in Colorado, there are definite perks…Read more

Marred at 22: Listicle Advice for Wedded Bliss

19260601_10214476780736185_3167526561282568595_nAs a writer and former journalist, I think that list-articles—infamously known as ‘listicles’— are in no way, shape, or form a correct method of journalism. They are pretty much trash, that don’t require much thought or skill to compose and removes any need for critical thinking.

Personally, though, I quite enjoy reading listicles. Sometimes to unwind I read through Buzzfeed’s endless list of them, taking note…Read more



Culture Shock


culture shock


“If pop culture is a pool, it never hurts to dive into the deep end once in a while.”

Greg Gutfeld


Quick and Easy Halloween 2018, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Style

IMG_7933_Facetune_31-10-2018-21-24-12Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a terrific show.

It has so much going for it, including hilarious jokes, well-developed characters, and a level of diversity that makes television worth watching.

This year for Halloween, Chad and I procrastinated and allowed the holiday to creep up on us without giving it any preparation or thought. It was mid-week, and we never made any plans for the weekend before or after. For us, Halloween this year was a bit of a dud.

In the spirit of fun and creativity, however, we decided that we would still dress up, even if only for a quick picture…Read more

Did someone say coffee??

IMG_7774I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker.

This was a bit of an anomaly; I spent a summer as a Starbucks barista, and never really jumped into the espresso biz with much gusto. Now when I go to a coffee shop, I always order my soy chai latte and get on with my day, without giving much extra thought into the rest of the menu.

However, I’m a modern millennial woman with things to do. I’ve got goals, and not even my anti-morning stance will get in the way of what I aim to achieve each day. So, in an effort to put an end to my sleepy morning shenanigans (as well as decrease my Starbucks budget), I decided to order a coffee maker for our house…Read more

Show of the Moment: New Series Coming Soon

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Look, I love TV.

I get how bad that sounds. As a millennial that worries about kids spending too much time with their faces in technology, I get it. I really do—however, I grew up playing outside and reading in my spare time and interacting with others and, yes, also making time for television.

I was able to witness so many great shows in real time, from week to week. I caught every single episode of The Office (we would gather on Thursday nights in the basement), jumped into Desperate Housewives, and dug my hand into the popcorn bowl during the hour of 24…Read more

100 Happy Days: Week 1

100-happy-days-hashtag (1)Today, as far as first days of happiness go, started off on a pretty lousy foot.

To begin my day, I had someone come to inspect our furnace. This was the third scheduled meeting—the first day, no one showed up. Then, even though we rescheduled for yesterday, I was notified that the office mixed up…Read more

Here we go: 100 Happy Days

100-happy-days-hashtagI don’t really think about being happy anymore. It’s just not something that I regularly check. I am more in tune to other realities, like busyness, laziness, or whether or not I’m being enough of an adult. Stress is on my mind a lot. Sometimes there’s longing. But rarely do I pause and point out and reflect my own state of happiness.
There really isn’t a better way for me to change this than the platform I’ve created…Read more