About Savannah

Hello! My name is Savannah.

Get to know me

  1. I’m a 25 year old professional, working in Glenwood Springs, Colorado as a Communications Coordinator for a PR firm. My company specializes in tourism.
  2. Pigs are my favorite animal.
  3. I belly flop onto every hotel bed I come across.
  4. My genetic makeup is super rare—I’m one of the 2% in the world with red hair and blue eyes.
  5. I grew up in the small and isolated mountain town of Gunnison, Colorado.
  6. I graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with an English and Communications degree in 2017. I’m currently putting that to good use by writing 260-character critiques on social behavior. (The platform is actually Twitter. They are usually about the Netflix shows I binge watch.)
  7. I’m happily married to my high school sweetheart, impatiently waiting until we live in a place that allows a pet. (Dog lover 4 life.)
  8. My sweet tooth is out of control.

Above all, I’m always looking for sunshine, wherever I go.

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Thank you for reading and following my journey.



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