Fill your fall bucket list

The season is here! Everyone’s favorite season (according to Instagram and their decorating habits) is upon us. Fall, autumn, spooky szn. Whatever you call it, it’s here.

Here are my top recommendations for living your best fall life, ticking off bucket list items as you go.

Take a Drive

Fall drives are an absolute must. And not just one—as many as possible to get my autumnal fill. Last weekend we went on our first, between Carbondale and Basalt, Colorado.

Pumpkin Somethin’

What’s fall without pumpkins? I love carving them and toasting up the seeds inside.

Order Something New

If you can, head to your favorite coffee shop or bakery or ice cream parlor or even brewery and order something new. Or maybe, just an old favorite. Flavors like pumpkin and spice and caramel are huge this time of the year, and it’s always fun to experiment with flavors to see what you love.

Apple Picking

While a new-to-me experience, fall-time should definitely include a trip to an apple orchard, where you can pick fresh, tasty, and crisp fruit with a giant pole. It’s wholesome, cheerful, and fall-focused fun.

We went to Orchard Creek Ranch for our picking adventure.

Go for a Hike

Fall time Snowmass Colorado

Even better than a drive is a hike, because then I’m able to get up-close-and-personal with Aspen trees, their crunchy leaves, and fresh air. Also, most hikes give you views that aren’t accessible by road.

Last year, we opted for a gorgeous Snowmass hike with vibrant colors.

Dress Up

Look, I can’t be alone in this: between quarantine, working from home, and lots of isolation, I haven’t really bothered to wear much other than sweats. I love this for me, I do. But I also find myself craving reasons to dress up a little. So, if you’re like me, make fall your excuse. Slap on those boots, wear that hat, play with layers, dust off that sweater. Your sleep-shirt can take a day off.

Walk About

This might be a strictly me thing, but one of the reasons I love autumn is because its is my last chance to enjoy the warm weather before snow strikes. I try to go for daily walks to get my fill of fresh air before said air begins to hurt my face.

Do Some Baking

Spice is in the air and aren’t we here for it?! I love a good pumpkin-flavored muffin, an apple pie, or anything with chai in the name. I highly recommend busting out a cookbook (or, more realistically, surfing Pinterest) to find a fun baking project.

Soak in a Hot Springs

Fall is probably my favorite time to go for a hot springs soak. The chill in the air meets gorgeous surroundings, especially at spots like Avalanche Ranch, Strawberry Park, Iron Mountain, Sand Dunes Recreation, Old Town Hot Springs, and Glenwood Hot Springs.

Note: I haven’t been to any hot springs since COVID, but I know that most in Colorado are operating and have their own new safety guidelines and measures. It’s worth checking out their website before you plan to go.

Historic Tour

History thrives during autumn. I think that interesting stories tend to bubble up during this season (maybe it has to do with Halloween), and it’s extra fun to learn new things.

I recommend a tour at a local castle, if you’re lucky enough to have one. A lot of historical sites have been hit hard by COVID, and are doing their best to recover with innovative events and fundraisers.

For example, the Glenwood Springs Ghost Walk is going virtual this year, and they’re excited for the opportunity.

Open for Suggestions

What’s the top item on your fall bucket-list?

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