A little local drive

Fall is easily one of my favorite times of the year.

Long before I celebrated our September wedding anniversary, this season felt special. It has always been a manifestation of change—the good, warm, and colorful kind.

Growing up, I loved what fall brought me. A new school year, softball season, cool air, homecoming, and cheerful vibes before the snow dropped. There’s comfort in a fresh, out-of-storage sweater and a warm, fuzzy blanket.

When Chad and I started dating, we crunched on leaves and held hands at Friday night football games. There were loud, celebratory events paired with quiet, peaceful moments as I walked and took in the beauty around me.

That’s the main and driving factor for me: the whole, I-live-in-Colorado thing. In my neck of the woods, the mountains are flooded with aspen groves and back roads; high-altitude passes are worth the heights and dizzying corners because you can’t beat those autumn views.

Last weekend, Chad, Wally, and I went for a little drive. We didn’t go far. We went back to an old favorite fall-time romp. Our route led us from Carbondale to Basalt, via Prince Creek Road.

Windows down and eyes peeled, we drank in the color. We held hands, hummed to songs appropriate for backroads, dipped our toes into our nostalgia, and cat-called at Mount Sopris in the distance.

Autumn, I love you.

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