Snowmass Balloon Festival 2020

It was a sudden decision, and we groaned with our alarms, but going to the Snowmass Balloon Festival was worth it.

This year’s event (which was our first-ever), was the 45th consecutive weekend of bright colors, blue skies, and inflated hot air balloons in the gorgeous Snowmass Village.

Armed with coffee drinks and breakfast burritos from our favorite ColoraDOUGH, we reached Snowmass shortly after 7 a.m. Due to the social distancing protocols in place, our reservation took us to a reserved spot where we could watch the ‘bloons from inside our car. (I wish we’d thought to wash the windows.) There was also a special radio broadcast narrating the event, with balloon information and music alike.

Chad and I sipped our drinks, chatted, held hands, and enjoyed some alone time. It was nice to experience something new, especially when things otherwise feel pretty stagnant.

It was wonderful. Beautiful, lovely, vibrant, and a fun date idea. I’m looking forward to next year, where hopefully masks and social distancing will be an optional precaution and 2020 feels like a long-ago, dystopian memory. Maybe there will be crowds and vendors and visible smiles. But the balloons will look the same, floating by as they always do.

6 thoughts on “Snowmass Balloon Festival 2020

  1. Such fun! There’s a hot air balloon festival nearby me but I’ve never actually gone. They make such a pretty sight and I’d love to see it in person one time!

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