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Like many others, my life looks drastically different than it did in March. With the rise of COVID came the crash of my employment status, followed by several months of frantic job searching. In July, I officially closed the curtain on that chapter of my life and dove straight into another: owning my own business.

Sunshine Creatives has been a wonderful change of pace and a worthy challenge. Since going full-time with it, I’ve had a range of experiences (almost entirely good and positive). Thanks to a cold-call marketing techniques, a mask of confidence, and a whole lot of luck, I’ve been able to land several new clients and build a new portfolio, all my own.

I want to give an update on how things are going, for a couple reasons. First, it’s always good to check in and give an honest review of how life’s been treating me lately. Second, I’m excited about my clients and I want to share the super cool businesses and organizations I’m working with. Third, and most importantly, I’m thriving. Even when I’m tired and trying to stay on top of competing schedules and stress, I’m happy. And, I’m proud too.

First: The Update

Over the past several months, I’ve been trying out this business ownership thing. Here’s how it’s going.

The Good

  • I found clients right away. I feel extremely fortunate that clients were willing to take me on so quickly!
  • The freedom of working independently is a solid plus. I love working from my bed, in my pajamas, and meeting clients when necessary.
  • Start-up costs have been pretty minimal, because I’ve been able to utilize my own skills and services. I really only have to pay for a website domain, and invest my time.

The Struggles

  • It can be overwhelming. It’s sink or swim, and it’s all on me. Thankfully, I do like pressure and know that I can rise to the challenge.
  • I’ve faced a few technical challenges that tested my skills right away. Though I was able to come out on top, there have been some stressful situations. (I.E. getting back a locked-out Facebook account. That was a tough first day!)
  • I’m learning as I go, especially with business-related things. Invoicing, internal structure, scheduling, prioritizing. It can be hard without a business background, though I do love what I’m learning.

The Best

  • I genuinely love my clients and am invested in their businesses (and organizations)! I’m passionate about who I work with.
  • My business is “successful.” As in, I’m making money. And honestly, I’m really proud of the fact that I’m making more money than I was at my old job. Significantly more.
  • I’m growing. My business skills especially are improving; for example, I recently created a content proposal that was light-years better than my original template.
  • I know my worth. There is something really cool about confidence in your business. I’m experienced, qualified, talented, and I’m offering one hell of a service. Hiring me is the right move!
Sunshine Creatives in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent
Feature in the local paper with my business!

Sunshine Creatives Clients

Here’s a look into my clients and how we’re working together.

Garfield County Democrats

Garfield County Democrats

I wanted to feature this client first because, though it’s a short-term contract (the election is only months away!), it’s incredibly impactful. I’m handling their social media accounts, which includes creating original content that inspires people within my own Garfield County to vote and make informed decisions at the polls.

There’s a large focus on the local-level county commissioner election, which I’m very excited to be a part of. There are two women candidates, from Glenwood Springs and Rifle, who are going against men who have held their positions since 1996. Beatriz Soto and Leslie Robinson want to implement term limits, as well as other policies centered on environmentalism, diversity in leadership, economic growth, and collaborative approaches to government.

Check out more of my work here.

Jim Lord Agency

Jim Lord Agency in Rifle, Colorado

Back in May, I started writing blogs for my first client, the Jim Lord Agency. Jim has two American Family Insurance agencies located in Rifle and Basalt, and I manage his digital communications.

Every month I write four blogs for Jim, manage his social media, and send out various emails to current, prospective, and former clients. For example, people who were quoted but never got a policy are getting follow-up emails to check in.

Check out more of my work here.

Merry Hill and Co.

Merry Hill & Co. in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

I absolutely love everything about Merry Hill and Co., which is a one-stop bridal shop located in Glenwood Springs. This woman-owned business literally does it all: wedding and engagement photography, wedding planning, wedding calligraphy, and wedding dress shopping.

They have high-quality services that are incredibly affordable, and I’m obsessed with them. I feel very fortunate to write two blogs a month for them, and create corresponding social media posts for them to share.

Check out more of my work here.

Scott Dillard Team at Integrated

Scott Dillard Team

Working with the Dillard Team Integrated Mountain Properties has been a lot of fun—they know their real estate stuff and have a gorgeous network of properties.

Each month I create short, original articles that are later compiled into a newsletter. I also post a few times a week on their Facebook page. This is an interesting mix of local, humorous, inspiring, and sometimes real estate-related content.

Side note: I recently received a post card with my payment this month, and it made my whole day. I love working with small businesses, and this inspired me to incorporate more special touches into my client relations.

Check out more of my work here.

Trish Romero Agency

Trish Romero Agency, Glenwood Springs Insurance

I am currently working with Trish Romero’s American Family Insurance office in Glenwood Springs, running her social media accounts. I try to incorporate a mix of corporate and original content to set her apart and establish her own voice.

Note: It’s been interesting working with two agents and keeping things entirely separate. I’ve had to let them both know who I was working with and in what capacity, was made an official AmFam employee (versus my other clients contracting me out), and have been navigating official marketing guidelines.

Check out more of my work here.

Just Getting Started

Though my plate is feeling generously full for now, I’m always on the look for extra clients, especially after the election. If you know of any business that is looking to diversify their marketing efforts with a blog, newsletter, or original social media content, please send them my way. I’ll give a referral gift! 🙂

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  1. Wow! I’m so impressed and proud of how well you’ve done starting out with a business of your own. I’m sure its such a massive and scary step to take but it seems like you’re killing it, congrats!!

  2. Way to get out there and start taking action! Do you have a Google My Business listing? You could claim one for free as a marketing or advertising agency and start having customers call you instead of cold calling them.

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