Our new bedroom wall feature

In my endless pursuit to make our home a more regal, aesthetic, and grown-up space, I decided to upgrade a section of our master bedroom.

I was inspired by Erin at The Heart and Haven, who has a wall feature that includes two pieces of framed art work and a picture light. It’s simple, but I was captivated by the elegance of the space. I immediately wanted to recreate it for our bedroom, which I have been struggling to nail down and decorate.

Do it Yourself

First, I began searching for artwork. I looked on Etsy for a while, before realizing that many of the illustrations I liked could were fairly simple; I decided to try digitally illustrating my own art instead, to hopefully save some money.

I used Canva to create two pieces, inspired by my own tattoo artwork: a simple flower and a mountain range. I got them printed into poster size by Walmart, and ordered two frames (20 x 30) from them as well. Next, I ordered a cheap picture light from Amazon to hang above.

The Final Result

Here she is! I’m in love with this effort and I’m ready to conquer the next home decor project in this house of mine.

Onward! What do you think is coming up next?

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