Around the house details

My home is definitely a work-in-progress.

Though it can be discouraging to not be able to simply snap my fingers to make changes (especially those investment items that might take a while to save up for, like new flooring), there’s some joy in small touches of progress. The details, while sometimes subtle, represent time, thoughtfulness, and effort put in behind the scenes.

Here are a few of those small-touches, a handful of around-the-house details, that I’m proud of.

1. Photo Print

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I’d like to think of this wall feature as one of my best design ideas. I combined several of my favorite Polaroid prints in a black matted frame for a crisp and clean piece, that happens to be widely personal.

2. Bathroom shelf


Located in our super outdated guest bathroom, this shelf is my favorite part of the room. It was also one of the first things I accomplished in the house. I love the modern feel and the tidy stack of towels. The towels, vase, dish, and shelf are all from Target.

3. Entry Way

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When I realized that I didn’t need to purchase a console table (though maybe down the line I could) and could instead use my tried-and-true Target desk instead, I practically squealed with joy. This Target mirror, too, is probably my favorite piece of the ensemble. I also spray painted the mail holder black. Later, I’d like to replace the wire basket with a wicker one.

4. Gallery Wall


I’ve written about this modern gallery wall before. For now, it’s nice. Later, I’ll get larger, matted frames instead for the look I truly want.

5. Boho Gallery Wall


Located in our dining room area (if there was a dining table to speak of), I put together a modern little gallery wall. I think it came together nicely and it adds some personality to the space.

Accordion Hanger

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Inspired by Jess at Hartman Haus, I decided to pull the trigger on this affordable-yet-stylish accordion hanger. It’s modern and looks very clean on our wall.

Guest Bedroom Book Shelf

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Here’s my version of a “shelfie” (shelf selfie), which is probably my best-decorated shelf to date.



A few weeks ago, Mapiful reached out to me and gifted me with a gorgeous print. We decided to go with New Castle as our location, since it resonates with home more than ever before. I actually got two matching prints, and have temporarily hung them up as bedside decor until I can find a better replacement.

Guest Bedroom Corner

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While I’d like to eventually transition this into a cleaner space, I’ve enjoyed making my guest bedroom a bohemian escape. This corner is where the magic happens, with a bookshelf, hanging planters, and a wall gallery.

Repurposed Greenery

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Last year I decorated our rental master bedroom with a touch of green. In our new home, I was happy to re-purpose those hoops and add a boho touch to our living room.

Throw Pillows


I’ve never gotten into the throw pillow hype…until now. It’s true: they really do add something extra into a space. I’ve been loving a mix of texture from these pillows from TJ Maxx, which have truly jostled my bed into the direction I’ve been looking for.

Door Mat

Though I initially received the wrong doormat by mistake (one that says, “this house runs on coffee and Jesus, lol), I’m loving this front-door set up. It’s pretty on-brand, and adds a little cheer.



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