Dear Chad

Last October, Chad did a truly selfless thing for our little family and got a second job at our local liquor store.

Over the past few months, he’s clocked into two shifts a week, and worked hard to help gradually boost our savings. I credit his contributions as a large reason why we were able to buy a house, only six months after creating that goal and making a down-payment plan.

After working at the store for 10 months, Chad had his last day this past Saturday. Though he enjoyed his time at the liquor store (sans people who got upset at complying with the recent mask mandate), he’s going to be spending all of his free time studying for his Professional Engineering Exam this fall (a HUGE step in his career!).

I’m incredibly proud of my husband, and happy for him to start a new chapter (even if it’ll be full of more stress and studying and hair-pulling). I wrote this letter for him to open after his last shift, and want to share it with the world.

Happy quittin’ day, honey.

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