Things I want to do this summer

In what feels like a blink of an eye, we’re in the thick of summer.

Truth be told, I’ve spent quite a lot of time indoors. My husband and I have been working hard and mostly sticking to our new home—and doing our best to stay safe for ourselves and others against COVID. Plus, with a puppy, there hasn’t been a lot we could do with him yet.

Let’s be real: I’m in dire need of a vacation.

(This has been on my mind a LOT lately. Check out my recent Instagram post for proof. It’s there, right-smack in the pudding.)

While that might not be realistic anytime soon, I do have plans to get out and about, if only for my sanity and well-being. For Chad’s, too. I’d love to get out and do more and live the rest of the summer to its fullest.

Here are those top summer activity ideas.

High Alpine Lake


I really, really want to spend time at a lake. I want to swim, “beach” (as much as Colorado allows), and bust out our two-person inflatable kayak. I’ve got several ideas on my list, and would be ecstatic to visit any of these this summer.

  • Lake Dillon
  • Green Mountain Reservoir
  • Lake Isabel
  • Meadow Creek Lake
  • Trappers Lake
  • Ruedi Reservoir

Day Trip

Though I’d prefer a weekend away, it seems much safer to do any traveling in a quick day-trip format instead. While it can make for a long time in the car, it also can save money and also be a great adventure.

I’d love to spend a day in Telluride, Crested Butte, Idaho Springs, or Aspen, and enjoy either a hike or some time on the banks of a body of water with some local takeout. To me, it sounds like perfection.

A Brewery???


Here’s the deal: when I think of summer, I automatically dream of sipping a crisp, cold beer on a patio with my husband. It’s one of our favorite dates of all time. Sadly, it’s been a long time since that’s been possible. And I’m not sure that we’ll get to a point this summer at all that it feels okay and safe to do. But I’d love to experience an afternoon or evening alone in a buzzing atmosphere, sampling some brews with my sweet hubs.

Go Camping

Our campsite in Moab was stunning.

This will be the ultimate test for Wally, graduating from sheltered baby to adventure pup. We’re tent-campers, so we’re waiting until he seems like he can handle the limited structure of a night outdoors.

I can’t wait, though, to see new places and set up camp with a fire, hot dogs, and beer.

New hikes!

There are so, so many trails we have yet to explore, even in our own backyard. I’d like to knock out a few more this summer.


Backyard Pool

I’ve always wanted a pool. Always. And in Colorado, that can be a hard thing to find, and even more unrealistic to implement. While the local hot springs are still in transition stages, I’d like to bring some water into my life easily. A small blow-up pool for my backyard would be delightful, if I can find one!


I’m a big fan of waterfalls. This summer, I hope to return to one of my very favorite local treasures, Rifle Falls. It’s green, lush, and gushing—I can hardly believe it’s a short drive from my front door.

Rifle Falls

Scenic Drive

Independence Pass is calling my name. This famous drive will take us from Aspen to Buena Vista, with sweeping views that seem to never end. I hope Chad and I can make a point to do this, and make plenty of roadside stops to drink it all in.

Update: we did do this drive, twice. The first time, we stopped for a hike on Linkins Lake Trail.


What Else?

Do you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear your summer must-do activities, especially in regards to social distancing and staying safe.

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