Beautiful summer day in the mountains

One of my favorite days of the summer involved a mix of fantastic experiences. From hiking to backyard relaxing, it was a day that was packed with sweet moments.

Hike on the Grand Mesa


Chad and I packed up the car early and headed to the Grand Mesa, about an hour and a half away from our house. We met my parents at the Mesa Lakes trail head and did a two mile walk around the area. After, we sat in the shade and enjoyed some snacks and water.

Keep in mind: the bugs by the lake are atrocious. Spray bug spray all over. Then apply some more.

The lakes are absolutely beautiful! There were also wild flowers everywhere, along with animals like chip monks, squirrels, fish, and beavers. I plan to return several times in the future to explore more of the trails.


It was Wally’s very first hike! Though we were a little apprehensive leading up to the big day, Wally did a fantastic job on the trail and kept a great pace. He and my parents’ pup Monet were such good dogs and seemed to fit really well into the nature scene. We have more confidence in his abilities and feel like camping could be an option in the near future.

Day Trip to GJ


After our time on the Grand Mesa, Chad, Wally, and I drove to Grand Junction to spend the rest of the day with my parents, with the Hamilton soundtrack blasting full-volume. This was a really refreshing trip; I’m so glad that we were able to spend some quality time together and catch up.

Delicious Culinary Moments


The best hosts I know, my parents whipped up some delicious vegan enchiladas and served them with margaritas and chips and salsa from Grand Junction’s TacoParty. My mom also was able to make a superb rhubarb crisp.

Everything was delicious! We enjoyed our meal outside in the shade, scheming up locations in Colorado to someday own a lakeside cabin.

Wally and Monet


One of the definite highlights of the day was having opportunities for Wally to socialize and hang out with other pups and people. He and my parent’s puppy, Monet, were able to play and chase each other in the yard for hours.

Previously, the two didn’t really hit things off (Wally rubbed Monet the wrong way). Now, it seems like the two of them are the very best of friends. It was really fun to watch. Wally was pooped after a day of frolicking after his bestie.

Showing of Hamilton

As my parents can attest, I’m a television show and movie pusher. Every once in a while, I’ll sit them down and practically force them into what I consider must-watch shows that I think they’d love. (Among the most successful have been Game of Thrones, Jane the Virgin, Stranger Things, and Parks and Rec, lol.)

When it came to Hamilton, there was no persuasion necessary. They were already excited about it and wanted to watch it, so Chad and I embraced the opportunity for a re-watch. We’re very into this musical! Sooo brilliant. It was great to watch again and pick up new things this time around.

Planning Ahead


In the coming weeks and months, Chad and I are looking forward to more hikes (hopefully on the Grand Mesa), excursions with Wally (our handsome nature pup!), and time with my parents. Salsa weekend and a visit from my brother and his family are just around the corner. I can’t wait!


5 thoughts on “Beautiful summer day in the mountains

  1. Oooh! It is great that you got to check out Grand Mesa! Oh man, I am so bad with getting bug bites. It is great that you saw all kinds of wildlife out there. The food looks delicious. You can never go wrong with vegan enchiladas. I keep hearing about Hamilton! I need to watch it! Glad you had a great time out there!

    Nancy ✨

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