My modern gallery wall

One of the perks of following dozens of interior designers on Instagram is that I’ve got plenty of ideas for styling and transforming my home. Do I have the budget to make these changes happen? Not at all. But that’s another story.

When I stumble upon an idea that’s affordable, easy, and fits my home decor aesthetic, I have to jump on it. There’s no time to waste when it comes to projects (of all kinds).

Which leads us to the here and now: my new modern and clean gallery wall.

Don’t you love it?! I know I do. It was simple and straight-forward, and can easily be implemented into your own space. Plus, I think the black and white is fresh and crisp.

The How

1. Find Frames

You can find frames pretty easily, though prices can be on the expensive end. For measurements, I wanted 12×12, with a matted area of 8×8. I ended up just getting 8×8 (kind of on accident, oops!). You have to figure out what fits your space and your budget and go from there.

You can order them from Target, Michael’s, Ikea, Art to Frames, or Etsy.

Here are mine. Note: I originally wanted matte frames. I think I might get some down the road, because I like that style a little better. However, these floating frames got the job done and still look amazing. Matted frames are typically more expensive. This option from Target is what I wanted, but they were sold out.

2. Print Pictures

After you’ve determined your frames, you can figure out how to fill them. Some people prefer prints and landscapes, though I opted for a mix of wedding and couple photos of Chad and I, since there aren’t any others hanging in our home. I also went with black and white.

Because of frame size, I decided on 5×5 photos, where possible. I used Target Photo for this and it was super, super cheap (like $0.15 per photo) and had them delivered to my front door.

3. Assemble and Hang

The last (and maybe obvious) step is to assemble your frames and hang them on your wall. I went with a 3×3 design, and eyed everything rather than using a template. This was easy since I did a basic grid design, but measuring things is probably always the responsible option (I like to think that I have a knack for the eyeing method).

I also use clear push pins rather than frame hardware, so this really was easy peasy for me from start to end.

Have you embraced the gallery wall trend?

Gallery Wall How-To
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11 thoughts on “My modern gallery wall

  1. We had someone help us frame all of our signed restaurant menus from around the world – in glass so you can see both sides – then we had two shelves put up and you set the frames on the shelves in a row, so we have 20+ menus on two rows on the wall…we love it!

  2. I have 2 gallery walls in my home: one with different shape/size/style clocks in my dining room and another of nothing but record sleeves in my husband’s cigar room. 🙂 I love how classic your look.

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