Top 5 Free Custom Font Plugins

Note: this post is sponsored by Fontsy. All opinions and ideas are still authentic and my own. 

If you’re a blogger, chances are pretty high that you’ve slaved over your computer screen, trying to figure out the best direction for your site. I’ve spent countless hours cussing under my breath, sorting through endless themes and troubleshooting the quirks of my WordPress website. It’s been a trial and error process to figure out what I want for, and also how to stand out.

I still have a ways to go. It’s always a work in progress, and I like that about this site and platform. I hope it’s never stagnant.

Many bloggers, like me, try to choose web elements that engage and excite readers. Fonts are an effective way to do so. While noted that “content is king,” typography can also play a vital role for the success of your blog and can be the final make-it-or-break-it factor. This is made possible through finding the right WordPress font plugin.

After doing some research, I’ve determined that the following plugins are great for choosing fonts to customize and add a little extra something-something to your WordPress site.

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1. Easy Google Fonts

This free plugin comes highly recommended as a typography resource because it’s simple to use and works with any theme. Easy Google Fonts also integrates with WordPress Customizer, so you can preview font changes in real time as you edit.

2. Styleguide – Custom Fonts and Colors

Created by BinaryMoon, this plugin is great because it uses your theme’s fonts and colors to create options that you can play around with. It’s super streamlined and easy to use—there’s no coding involved. Plus, there are tons of character sets available to use, from Greek to Latin to Hebrew.

3. Fontsy WordPress Plugin

There’s much to love about Fontsy WordPress Plugin, a platform with over 1,300 different fonts to choose from. There are free and premium options available in Fontsy’s Font Library, and it’s as simple as finding one that you like, downloading it to your computer, and then uploading it to your site.

Fontsy has 1,300 font options and several bundles.

From there, you have complete control—you can customize different fonts for various roles. For example, you can set one Fontsy option as Heading 1, and then switch it up completely for headings 2, 3, 4—you name it. If you want a little more direction, there are also font bundles, so that you choose fonts that look similarly and are in the same design family, which is useful so that you don’t assault your readers with too much variation.

4. Use Any Font

Another non-coding plugin is Use Any Font, which allows you to house fonts on your own server rather than on a third party app. Once you upload your font, you can use it directly from the WordPress editor, then used within themes.

5. Custom Fonts by Brainstorm Force

As its name suggests, Custom Fonts is all about one-of-a-kind typography. I enjoy this plugin because it works well with the Elementor layout builder, which I sometimes use for pages that require more user engagement; I used it to create my writing portfolio, for example. This font-app just adds another layer to the user experience.

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