Happy, happy birthday

Though I have an inclination toward words, I also have a soft spot for numbers and dates. I think that, when combined, these symbols hold great depth—a shared collection and consciousness and history.

June 12, for example, is special to me.

Just another day to most, June 12 is a beam of sunshine and one of my sources of happiness. It’s a manifestation of joy and love and gratitude; it’s Chad’s birthday. My amazing, wonderful, brilliant husband has made another hop and skip and lap around the sun.

And this year, in 2020, June 12 is Chad’s 26th birthday.


While 26 might not be one of those ear-marked years—like 18, 21, or 30—I know it’ll be one we remember forever. Maybe not the day specifically (let’s just say COVID, a new puppy, a tight budget, and a work shift might muddle the birthday excitement), but the next 12 months as we jump into the next chapter of our lives.

When I think of Chad being 26, I can’t help but think of him at 17. I look at where he is now versus that young boy then and all of the growth that’s happen ever since.


Chad has been the most wonderful example of evolution: I’ve seen him change and grow and expand everything from his life experiences to his open-mindedness to his expression of love to me. The proof is in the pudding: as a teenager, I remember Chad saying that he’d never own a dog. Well, folks, look at this guy now.

The truth is, I loved Chad then and those feelings have only exploded and multiplied ever since. I cherish every moment, laugh, hug, cuddle, corny joke, and mid-morning coffee visit. He’s my rock and my soul mate and partner in all things. If I had to give a number, I’d say Chad is 100% my person, 365 days a year.


So, Chad. On this 26th year (9490 days, in case you’re wondering), I wish you the happiest of birthdays. I love you, with all my heart.



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