5 gifts for pet lovers

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It’s hard to believe that in just a few short days, I’ll be bringing home my goodest boy Wally—an eight-week-old F1B goldendoodle—where he’ll be joining the family.

Though I’ve grown up with dogs (usually three on average, though once there were eight in the house when puppies were born!), Wally will be my first pet as an adult. I’ve waited and waited (rather impatiently), meeting the compromised demands of my husband to hold off on a dog until we bought a house to call our own.

Well, now’s the time. I’m excited, Chad’s excited, and I sure hope that Wally will be excited to make his home in New Castle, Colorado. With his arrival, I’ve been reading, researching, and embracing all that it means to be a pet parent. One avenue is gifting, and I’m all on board with this trend, especially around holidays.

You can be sure that I’ll be getting gifts for the other dog, cat, and even reptilian owners in my life; we all deserve a treat, too, sometimes. Check out my top five gifts for pet lovers.

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1. Pet supplies

You often hear that “pets are expensive.” This often comes into play with recurring purchases. One gift idea is to gift some of those items, which is both practical and kind. Pets of all kinds are always in need of food, toys, and treats.

Photo by Chris Jarvis on Unsplash

2. Pet store gift card

Similarly, you can just get a gift that enables the recipient to decide for themselves what they’d like to pick out. Look toward local and chain pet stores in their area, or a specific retailer they use for regular purchases like food.

Photo by Kim Stiver on Pexels.com

3. Pet portrait

You know it and I know it: owners love quirky pieces of art that memorialize their beloved pets. It’s funny, creative, and beautiful to see your best friend captured as a painting, ripe for hanging on a mantle, above the bed, or as a centerpiece in a gallery wall.

Pet portraits, such as these from vectorpets.com, are a customized and delightful gift for any pet lover.

Pet portraits are the best. 

4. A night away

Though we all love our furry companions, sometimes a night away from them is a welcome break. There are two approaches to this gift:

a) you can pay for a night or two stay in a kennel
b) you can offer to watch the dogs at your own home

This is a wonderful gift idea that really depends on your budget and willingness to watch your friends’ pets. Dog owners especially often have to restrict or modify their travel plans to accommodate their fur babies (as they should), but they deserve a weekend away sometimes too.

Photo by Angel Luciano on Unsplash

5. Pet-related swag

Something I’ve noticed about most pet lovers is that they also quite enjoy swag—T-shirts, hats, sweats, bags—that shares their enthusiasm. 

If they’re a fan of graphic tees and cute signage, it might be worth looking into gifts that share that enthusiasm. Sites like Etsy are great for finding everything from a “Love my doggo” tote bag to “beware of cat” yard sign. There’s mugs, welcome mats, bumper stickers. The options are endless, and also make for a charming gift.


What’s something you, as a pet-owner, would love to receive?

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