Best of May

Welcome to the latest installment of my monthly favorites.

May Faves

May, in similar fashion to the past few months, has been hectic and overwhelming and full of change, in the best ways.

We closed on our first home, then moved in and have been working to make it our own. There’s been paint and wall plates and baseboard adhesives and lots of peel-and-stick. It’s been a lot of highs and large purchases and late nights and many, many trips to the hardware store. I’ve applied to about 20 new jobs, each with a different cover letter. I’m exhausted, anxious, excited, and ready for what’s next to come.

Some highlights have included home decor-induced creativity, time with family, the marriage of our best friends (coming a few days after publishing this post), dog gifts from friends, a new Sunshine with Savannah order, a delicious steak and baked potato feast, time outside, and the preparation of our pup Wally.

Exciting things are ahead, and I can’t wait.

And with that, here are my top picks for the month of May.

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Adult Beverage: Truly Lemonade


A few weeks ago, Chad brought home some Truly Lemonade drinks. They’re like White Claws (a hard seltzer), but with a little more juice and flavor. Pretty refreshing! We also liked that one is only 100 calories.

Big, Big Thing I did: Tattoos!


Ahhh! I did it! I finally was able to keep my postponed tattoo appointment and get my two designs as a belated birthday gift to myself. I’m in love! I would like to credit Kat at Hole in the Wall in Glenwood Springs (@ katmaxman on Instagram), for her impeccable work; she makes her craft look easy.  It’s worth noting that the shop followed a strict safety protocol: there was a health assessment before the appointment, social distancing rules, and we both wore masks the entire time. It was great and I felt safe and responsible the entire time. 🙂

Pup Update


We’re getting closer and closer to our puppy pick-up day. Like, by the end of this week close! Here’s the latest picture we received of him this month. Wally is second on the right, and is such a cutie!

Our New Normal: Regulars at Lowes


Well, as pretty much any homeowner can attest, we’re now regulars at our hardware store. The trips to Lowes, which is a 20-minute drive from our home, have been constant. I’m so thankful for curbside delivery, which has kept things smooth and safe.

Love of My Life: Chad


Just wanted to throw this selfie into the mix  after a fun Memorial Day weekend. I have a great appreciation for Chad as a spouse, partner, and soon-to-be dog dad. 🙂

Biggest Home Project So Far: Painting

Before and after in our master bedroom

Shout out to my dad, who helped to transform our home. For the week prior to moving in, he came over from Grand Junction and whipped it out. Chad and I are so bad at painting, and my pops showed us up. We’re so grateful for his help!

Book: The Happy Puppy Handbook


My mom lent Chad and I “The Happy Puppy Handbook” by Pippa Mattinson and we’ve booth cruised through it on our own time. It’s been so helpful and I highly recommend it for new dog owners, especially those who are bringing home their first puppy.

Our First Pup Purchases


In preparation for Wally’s arrival, we’ve stocked up on what many articles and experts consider puppy essentials. Here they are:

Sweetest Moment: “Open When” Letter


Chad wrote me “open when” letters on our wedding day, and I was finally able to open one. (You might’ve seen this on my Instagram.) It was sweet and a reminder of how I love all of my husband, even the parts that aren’t perfect. I think a full post is forthcoming. Stay tuned. <3

May in Posts

Another senior pic, this time on the mound.

This month, as usual, I had two posts per week. Here are the details if you’ve missed them.

Adulting Purchase: A New Sectional


Since living in our rented townhouse, Chad and I inherited a lovely set of love seat couches from my parents. We’ve always dreamed of adding a larger sectional couch into the mix, as soon as our space would allow it (we’ve missed cuddles a lot). Over Memorial Day weekend, Chad and I were able to stop by American Furniture Warehouse, masks on, and find an affordable option for our new home. I can’t wait for our new addition to arrive.

Take Out: Taco Party Margs


Grand Junction’s Taco Party knows what they’re doing. They offer Mexican food with contemporary twists, and have some pretty delicious margaritas. When these refreshing drinks are paired with my mom’s black bean enchiladas, the combination is perfection.

On the Screen


We’ve spent a good chunk of time in front of the TV this month. Here are some of my favorite movies and series, in no particular order.

  • Never Have I Ever 
  • The Wire
  • Dead to Me (season 2)
  • The Final Season
  • A Secret Love
  • Love Island Australia (season 2)
  • A League of Their Own

Poem: Steven Dawson Originals

roxane gay

A few months ago, I featured a story written by my friend Taylor Kirby in my monthly roundup. Her partner is a poet, and I recently stumbled upon his latest published pieces, “Salvation Sonnet” and “What I Hate Most About Mom.”

Fun fact: apparently Roxane Gay was one of his advisors at Purdue, and she tweeted specifically about how talented he is. I’ve never met Steven, but based on these poems, I am totally on-board with Gay’s praise.

Sweetest Moment: In the Garden


I love this photo, which depicts my niece Nora with my dad, and the pup Monet. It’s just so darn cute and joyful.


And that rounds out my May favorites! Thanks for tagging along on my pursuit of sunshine.



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