Winter Adventure Photo Dump

Do you hear that?

The sprouting of leaves, the chirping of birds, the clearing of sidewalks, the gentle rhythm of wind? Bears are waking, the hours are extending, the forecast is warming, and blue skies are ushering us into something new.

Springtime is here.

I love, love, love, love, love spring.

Not only does the warmer weather bring a birthday season for me, but I also feel awakened. Sure, the circumstances and state of the world aren’t necessarily bright and happy, but the environmental changes are an instant uplift. 

The air is fresh, easy to breathe. The sun peering through my windows is brighter.

Though I’m not sure if any summer plans will pan out, it’s still fun to bust out the drawing board and make them. I’m shedding my thick layers of clothing—except for a mask for those essential trips—and things are looking up.


It’s worth admitting, though, that in the past I welcomed the new season in just to close (more of a slam) the door on winter. I didn’t like the cold, the seasonal blues were real, sunshine was harder to access, driving sucked, and I felt restricted to my home.

Now, though, things are different. I appreciate the gifts that winter gave me this year, and I’m especially fond of the simpler time before our lives were sheltered and shuttered. I played in the snow and challenged myself and did new things. Even better: the cold wasn’t an issue—I was prepared. I embraced where I live and who I could be, and now, I’m saying goodbye to the season with a thankful smile and a promise to keep up the good work.

In honor of winter, here are some photos from my adventures of the season.

Travel Scapes

Winter travel isn’t always easy, but it’s consistently beautiful. Back when we could travel, we went to Gunnison, Denver, and Grand Junction. I also made it to Omaha, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, and across Nebraska driving home.

Nordic Skiing Round-Up

Since inheriting our pairs of cross-country skis, Chad and I have found a new hobby. I’m so grateful for these new experiences outside.

Adventures at Sunlight

We went skiing (snowboarding for me!) twice this season, after not ever going once together. This has been such a rewarding journey for us, and I only see more in our future.

Friends, Family, Fun

Along with plenty of time spent outside, Chad and I were also able to go out, spend time with family and friends, and also have some fun ourselves. You know, pre-lock up.


There have been so many dog interactions this season that these pups deserve a slideshow of their own. Enjoy! 🙂

Thanks for checking out my walk down memory lane. I’m hoping that spring-time allows more time outdoors and soon, time spent with loved ones. Stay safe!

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