Isolating in nature

Even though the world has seen brighter times, I’ve been feeling fortunate. Aside from a recent birthday and going under contract for a new home, I’m especially lucky in regard to one thing: I get to self-isolate in New Castle, Colorado.

I’ve talked about my town before. I love it. It’s small, cute, mountainous, and engulfed in scenic views. My biggest gripe is that the no-stoplight town doesn’t have a coffee shop. Not that I’d be able to go to it, but a girl can dream.


My favorite thing about New Castle has always been its network of trails and hikes. And now, with spring here and a global pandemic mandate keeping everyone isolated, I’m even more thankful for these routes that can keep me both immersed in nature and away from everyone else.

Daily Walks


Right after my birthday, I decided that I wanted to start 25 off right, with hour-long walks every day. Why not? I’ve got the time.

And because I’m excited about our new home, I’ve made a point to explore my soon-to-be new neighborhood. Let me tell you, I’m even more excited. Love, ladies and gentlemen. I’m in love.

My current 3.8 mile trek takes me in a large circle to and from my current front door. I hang a right, head down a developed trail past a pig, cross through a skate park, swing by our new house, head onto another trail that traverses a park, walk through a few streets, then continue until the pavement ends and a gravel road takes over. It takes me through a field, into another subdivision, and spits me out on the main thoroughfare through town, which I take back to my doorstep. If you’re in the New Castle area, I’ll send you a map.


The walk is great, with a slight incline that will leave you slightly out of breath if you decide to call your mom for a chat during it.

Hogback mountains shimmer in the distance, the homes are charming and diverse, I can’t help but feel lucky. Even alone, even during this trying time. My breaths are deep with fresh Colorado air, I’m alive.


This is home.



isolating in nature sunshine with savannah
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13 thoughts on “Isolating in nature

    1. It’s beautiful, and getting out and about has made a difference for me for sure. I hope that you’ve been able to find ways that work for you in your location too! Thank you for reading—stay safe!

  1. It is great that you get to have daily walks out in nature. This is perfect where you get to practice some distancing while getting some steps in! The trail looks amazing. Stay save and have a great weekend!

    Nancy ♥

  2. The kind of place I would love to be isolated during this crisis. More space to exercise and feel the beauty of nature. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, you are so lucky in where you live! I mean I know this is a scary situation and self-isolation is not a choice many of us made for ourselves, but being able to get out in all that wide open space must be wonderful. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing and stay safe x

    1. I’m definitely feeling fortunate to live where I do! It’s a scary and uncertain time, and I’m thankful that I’m able to get fresh air without risking the safety of myself and others, which is a huge luxury. Thank you for reading, I hope you’re staying safe as well! x

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