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Welcome to the latest installment of my monthly favorites.

March Faves

Well, here we are again. Though, this one definitely feels different. March, as you might know, is my favorite month. I celebrated yet anther birthday (cheers to 25!), though it didn’t look like any other. We didn’t go out, see friends or family, or do any of the things we planned. However, Chad and my family made it special. I’m a very lucky gal.

I can honestly say, with 100% confidence, that this month did not turn out the way I expected. From start to finish, things popped up that I couldn’t have ever imagined.

Aside from the obvious—a global pandemic, social distancing and self-isolation, a complete shut down on the economy, and all of the cancellations that came with it—March came with a major personal twist: Chad and I are under contract to buy a house!

It’s weird timing, I know. Things are uncertain and scary and we’re full of anxiety about the state of economy and even my job status. However, we’re also hopeful and happy and excited, and ready to make things work. We close at the end of May, and we simply cannot wait to move in, make the house our home, and eventually, finally get a dog.

By the way, if you want to donate to our “dog fund” or check out our housewarming registry, feel free. 😉

As a new month nears, I’m keeping one thing in mind: we’ll get through this. I’ll see my parents and besties again, make up for that cancelled Rocky Mountain National Park trip, and reschedule that forfeited tattoo appointment that I was so looking forward to. By the time we’re ready to move into our house, we’ll be surrounded by family to help.

We’ll get through this. Keep strong everyone.

And with that, here are my top picks for the month of March.

best of march
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Shoe Find: Suede Keds


Stichfix has done it again. In my quarterly box, they included a bunch of cute finds, including flattering leggings, a jacket, and a plaid shirt. The best piece, however, are these mauve Kickstart Suede Lace Up Sneaker by Keds—the shoes of my dreams. So cute, so comfortable. Apparently they sell for $70, and can be purchased here.

Brewery: Ball Brewing


Cheers to a new brewery! This month we were able to check out the newest addition to Glenwood Springs, Ball Brewing. Good beer, dogs, skee-ball, and a great atmosphere—what more do you need? A full review is available here.

Update: this was pre-Covid, before the term “social distancing” existed in our little world. We can’t wait to return and support this amazing local business.

Scenic Spot: Leonard’s Lookout


I had an amazing opportunity this month to visit and review Sunlight Mountain Resort for the blog. During our ski day, we discovered a new scenic spot with incredible views of the valley. Leonard’s Lookout is easily accessible for beginners via the Grizzly run (a green) and is a must-stop to admire Mt. Sopris in the distance.

Update: Sunlight is currently closed due to Covid-19. I personally can’t wait to see these views next season and support this amazing local resort.

Birthday Meal: Take Out


For my birthday this year, we ordered take out at our local Tequila’s Mexican Restaurant. It was delicious and easy and the to-go margaritas really hit the spot. If you can do so safely, I highly recommend supporting a local restaurant now and then with take out or by purchasing a gift card for later on. 🙂

TV Show: Tiger King


Chances are, you’ve heard about this insane Netflix documentary series. It’s absolutely nuts, and amazing, too. Watch Tiger King.

Keep an eye out for an updated “what to watch” post. There’s been a lot of TV and movie watching over here!

Birthday Surprise: Tribute Video

Me, crying while watching the video, lol.

Man, I’m blessed. I woke up on my birthday to a very touching video from all of my family and friends. My mom coordinated the video and it has to be one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. If you’re interested, you can watch it here. I definitely cried watching this. 🙂

Hair Style Revival: Curling Wand


It’s been about two, maybe three years since I’ve used my old curling wand. During my last years in college, it was my go-to device but after my big hair chop of 2018, I traded it in for a larger barreled iron to achieve a more adult-like look on my shorter strands. Now that my hair is growing back, I’ve been enjoying the fun bounce of my old style. I love it and can’t believe I benched this tool.

March in Posts

img_5338 Chad works from home now! What a cute coworker I suddenly have. 🙂

This month, as usual, I had two posts per week. Here are the details if you’ve missed them.

Ski Rentals and Tune-Up: Brian’s Bench


Since buying our used ski and snowboard gear, we wanted to make sure that everything was in good shape to take out on the slopes. I took my board over to Brian’s Bench, where he gave me a quick tune, wax, removed the rust from my board, and even helped me with my stomp pad placement. We also rented helmets from him (those are quite an investment if you’re going to purchase!).

The verdict: Brian is amazing. He’s kind, passionate, and loves what he does. He wants to help his customers the best he can, and will go far above and beyond to make sure that you leave his shop happy and satisfied. He’s earned a for-life customer, and I will recommend him to anyone I know.

Favorite Read: “Relics, Registries, and Other Bastard Things” by Taylor Kirby


During my time at the Sentry, Taylor became a good friend and later replaced me as editor. I’ve always been so incredibly impressed by her talent—Taylor is an amazing writer, editor, and leader. She blows me away with everything she writes.

This piece, “Relics, Registries, and Other Bastard Things,” is incredible. It handles difficult subject matter in a way that is beautiful and moving. Give this a read and remember her name.

Blind Girl Hack: Eye Buy Direct

Big fan of my new specs!

If you, like me, are visually impaired, you know that eyeglasses can cost quite a pretty penny, even with the aid of insurance. The last time I got glasses, almost three years ago, I spent about $600 out of pocket.

This time, I did some research and went a new route. I went for my exam, got my new prescription, and plugged those numbers into a set of frames from EyeBuyDirect. They have a ton of affordable options, and I walked away with a brand new pair of cool-ass glasses for $90 packed with all the bells and whistles. I highly recommend going this route.

Birthday Treat: Cake


Chad baked me a cake! I’m thankful for a sweet treat to celebrate 25. I may or may not have wished for an expedited quarantine.


And that rounds out my March favorites! Thanks for tagging along on my pursuit of sunshine.



23 thoughts on “Best of March

  1. I loved reading this post! Congrats on your new house, thats so exciting! Happy belated birthday, as well! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on being under contract to buy a house! That is so exciting! And also, I just finished binge watching Tiger King too! It was so weird but I couldn’t look away lol

  3. The personalised video was such a nice touch! I’ve done this before for a partner but long before any of this craziness, but it’s nice to see people are still being creative in showing they care! Also happy birthday I’m glad you made the most of it! My friend’s 25th is coming up too and I just managed to post her a card and a book because I felt like she would feel a bit down about being inside!

  4. Happy belated birthday!!

    Tiger King is so freaking insane and we loved watching every minute of it!!

    Here’s to hoping that things change for the better in April!!

  5. This makes me so happy to know that even though March was a total throw together for everyone, you managed to have what looked like to be a heartwarming month. Happy Birthday and congratulations to you and Chad on your soon to be house!
    All my love for the years to come, x

    1. That’s the perfect way to describe March! I honestly was having the hardest time putting this together near the end of the month, hardly believing the transition from the start to the end. Thank you so much! xx

  6. So exciting that you’re buying! I know it’s not the greatest time but it’s nice to have something to look forward to and get excited about given everything else going on right now. Sorry that the stupid virus ruined so many plans for you but it’s nice that your loved ones still managed to give you a lovely day x


    1. Thank you! You’re right, it really makes all the difference to have something to look forward to and get jitters over. I hope everyone has something in the distance to keep them going! Thank you so much for reading and for your thoughtful comment!

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