Best of February

Welcome to the latest installment of my monthly favorites.

February Faves

From start to finish, February took on several different themes.

First, reeling from a recent rejection and a crappy start to the year, I sought redemption. I dove headfirst into my goals—I got outside, tried new activities, and embraced all that my gorgeous area has to offer, and admired my surrounding beauty while busting a sweat.

Another theme has been spontaneity. You know what they say about the best laid plans; from the get-go, Chad and I faced several experiences that challenged us and prompted us to adapt. Between the two of us, we’ve traveled to Grand Junction, Carbondale, Denver, Omaha, Sioux City, and Sioux Falls—none of which were expected at the start of the month.

The final theme is a good one: family. February gave us time with loved ones, whether it was a quick overnight with Alexis and Jessica, a puppy pick-out session with my mom, an in-and-out visit for Chad’s grandparents, or my spur-of-the-moment trip to the Midwest to see my mom’s side of the family.

As I head into my favorite month of the year and prepare to turn 25 (holy cow?!), I’m ready and thirsty for more. More time outside, more plan-making, more adventures, and more reason to keep going, growing, and thriving.

And with that, here are my top picks for the month of February.


best of feb
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Resource: Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace is known for being an eclectic internet hub where the good, bad, and ugly all converge. E-commerce and exchanges can either be super easy or disastrous. This month, I found two pairs of super affordable women’s snowboard boots in my area—$20 is an extreme steal. The first exchange was a nightmare: the seller rescheduled our meet-up time and location three times, when I was already waiting for her at the spot with cash in hand, and she ghosted me afterward. The second—easy as could be. A simple Venmo transaction, left on her porch for me to pick up. In the end, it worked out, and I’ve got some amazing new boots to add to my slowly growing gear collection.

Note: if you know of any cheap, used ski boots (size 10.5 or 28.5) and poles, please let me know! 🙂

Skiing Spot: Flat Tops Wilderness


We finally made it out on our new set of cross country skis. Chad and I explored a new area this month—the West Elk Trails, located in the nearby Flat Tops Wilderness. There are about 12 miles of groomed track for skiers and snowshoers, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. You can read more information about the trail here.

Documentary: Miss Americana

miss americana

Long live Taylor Swift. I’ve been a huge fan of T-Swift ever since she broke out of her country shell when I was in high school, and her recent Netflix documentary Miss Americana only confirmed my admiration for her. It was so cool to get a look into her life behind the scenes. She’s talented, self-aware, and vulnerable, and her insight into sexism and identity is invaluable. I highly recommend giving this film a watch.

Valentine’s Day Gift: Day on the Slopes


In our eight years together, Chad have never once gone skiing together. (This is nearly unheard of in Colorado.) We decided to mix things up in a big way this month by getting spur-of-the-moment lift tickets to Sunlight Mountain Resort. I snowboarded, Chad skied. There were only one or two falls, and there was something so rejuvenating about shredding down the mountain after so many years away (at least 10). We rented all of our gear from the amazing Brian’s Bench (literally the nicest guy). This was such an amazing blue bird day from start to finish, followed up by apres ski at Casey Brewing’s downtown taproom, followed by a giant pepperoni pizza from Russo’s.

February in Posts


This month, as usual, I had two posts per week. Here are the details if you’ve missed them.

Movie: Knives Out


I’m starting to think that I’m nearly always late to cinematic conversations. Here’s my two-cents about 2019 Oscar-nominated film Knives Out, summed up in a single word: brilliant. I loved every single moment of this comedic murder mystery, where the story is sorted out through self-serving lies and big personalities. Shout out to Rian Johnson’s totally original (and phenomenal) screenplay.

Recipe: Garlic Knots


Though the Super Bowl didn’t have the winner I wanted, Chad and I truly enjoyed ourselves with friends, food, and fun. We also made these delicious and easy garlic knots, which seemed to perform well among our buddies. You can read more about the big game and get the recipe for these beauties here.

Solo Adventure: Spring Gulch XC


I did a thing: I ventured out on my own with my cross country skis. I went up to Carbondale’s Spring Gulch and got a feel for my skis at my own beginner’s pace. I’ll be back.

Biggest Surprise: Monet


My parents got a new puppy! Eeeeek! I went with my mom to Austin, Colorado (I’d never heard of it before) to pick up an ausselier puppy, whom my parents named Monet. Miss Mo is just about the cutest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, and will definitely add some new personality to their home. Shylo, their other pup, is still unsure about Mo, but I’m confident that they’ll soon become the best of friends.

Perfect Day: Super Bowl Sunday


Chad and I managed to pack an entire busy weekend into a single day, and it truly set our standards high for the rest of the month. We woke up and decided to grab breakfast at our local spot, the Lazy Bear. After several cups of coffee and delicious skillet meals, we grabbed our gear and went to the aforementioned West Elk Trails for some cross country skiing. After our scenic and fun workout, Chad and I then came home and rushed to bake two new appetizers, which we then took to a fun Super Bowl party. It was busy and exhausting, but a heck of a Sunday Funday with my best friend.

Impulse Decision: Tattoo Appointment

sun tat

For those who saw my recent tattoo designs post, you likely know that I’ve been sitting on quite a few pieces. Now, it’s official: I have an appointment in mid-April! It’ll be a late birthday present to myself. I’m extremely excited to add a sun and floral wrap around my forearm this spring. Check out my talented tattoo artist on Instagram!


And that rounds out my February favorites! Thanks for tagging along on my pursuit of sunshine.



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