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Back in July, I wrote a post about some shows that I just couldn’t get enough of. In the name of winter and all that comes with it (aka sickness, cold, and excess time to spend on the couch) I’ve created a whole new list of shows that I’ve watched over the past few months.

While this list isn’t all inclusive, it does include a full spectrum of options.

Here’s a wide variety of my recent go-to shows, each offering a little something different.

Shows of the Moment

Schitt’s Creek


I love, love, love Schitt’s Creek. It’s another on an ever-growing list of television shows that makes me laugh out loud during each episode (joining The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Parks and Recreation).

I’ve heard a few times that the first few episodes are hard to get into; the story is set in the impossibly dreary town of Schitt’s Creek, where a rich family finds themselves after all their money has been defrauded by their business manager. The characters are entitled, obnoxious, and out of touch, surrounded by small town judgement and weirdness. However, I promise that everything gets better, quickly.

The Rose family is comprised of characters who each bring something different and wonderful to the table, and just get better over time. David (Dan Levy) is sassy and hilarious, Alexis (Annie Murphy) goes on a tangible journey of growth, Moira (Catherine O’Hara) is a showstopper—especially with her indistinguishable accent, and Johnny (Eugene Levy) is a boob in the best way. The supporting characters, too, make an impact in every single scene.

You’ll laugh (loudly), cry, and cheer on the characters of Schitt’s Creek as they figure out how to start over. I promise.

The Mandalorian


The main perk of a Disney Plus subscription is getting to enjoy The Mandalorian. This Star Wars series, set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order, takes viewers through the nitty-gritty settings explored by a lone Mandalorian, a breed of the galaxy’s best bounty hunters. The show is like an American western, though experienced in space, and gives us the best that Star Wars has to offer: slow pacing, steady character building, and an enticing plot that the audience can’t help but want to figure out. Plus, this is where Baby Yoda was born; by watching The Mandalorian, you have full access to this cuter-than-heck character that I fully would die for. 



HBO’s Succession is truly one of my favorites. It’s like a modern-day Game of Thrones, as it showcases the moves, manipulation, and high-intensity decisions made behind the scenes of a major international media conglomerate family.

It’s hard not to draw parallels between Rupert Murdoch and the fictional aging media mogul Logan Roy. In Succession, Roy has to decide the future of his company Waystar Royco, and who—whether within his family or brought from outside—will take over the reins when he finally steps down.

I love this show for many reasons. It manages to be funny, intense, and always-changing, all at once. I feel for many of the characters, but scoff at them at the same time. I don’t see myself in them at all, and I simultaneously want them to both succeed and learn a lesson or two. I highly recommend watching Succession and getting wrapped up in the fictional lives of the insanely rich and powerful.

Good Girls


As soon as I saw the very first trailer for this show, I knew Good Girls would be an instant hit. This series, starring the brilliant Christina Hendricks, Reta, and Mae Whitman, follows the lives of three women who go from innocent, respectable suburban ladies to grocery store robbers when their financial resources hit an all time low. And from there, their lives of crime only deepen. Good Girls is hilarious and well done, and brings empathy front and center. I highly recommend giving this show a watch.



The world of the Watchmen is dark. This HBO show is inspired by a graphic novel series, and takes place 34 years after masked men and women fought crime together the original story. Now, in modern times, Watchmen is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma, following a white supremacist attack on the local police department, which has responded by requiring police officers to hide their identities behind masks.

Watchmen follows the story of Angela Abar (played by the fabulous Regina King), a detective who disguises herself as “Sister Night,” and works to fight racists and uncover the underbelly of connected controversies and secrets set by the former masked vigilantes of the past. This series is dark, surprising, and full of incredible twists and turns that keep you invested in learning more. It’s a rewarding and entertaining show that also and captures the horrifying roots and allowances of systematic oppression in America.

Derry Girls


Even though I did not grow up in Ireland in the 90s going to an all-girl Catholic school, there is something so nostalgic and relatable about Derry Girls, which follows a group of girls navigating their teenage years in the midst of the Northern Ireland political conflict. This group of 16 year olds are finding themselves while living in Derry, and making the audience laugh every step along the way.

This show is absolutely hilarious, heartwarming, and solid. So, so good.

The Circle


Even though I’m hugely into shows like the Great British Bake Off or Queer Eye, I consider myself a novice to reality television. Which is why I was surprised to find myself watching The Circle, a series that was hard to figure out at first and just took continuous binging to really understand.

It’s a little hard to explain, so bear with me: The Circle involved eight players, all living in the same building, only communicating through an electronic voice activated system called “The Circle.” They had to get to know each other online, through a profile created themselves, challenges, and group chats, and then rank each other. It’s essentially a challenge to see who’s the most likable, all based on their interactions, and the winner received $100k. There were catfishes and twists along the way, and it was fun to watch.



Though never a cheerleader myself, Netflix’s mini documentary series Cheer had me wishing for a career in highly athletic tumbling. This show followed the collegiate cheer team at Navarro College in Texas as they prepared for the national championships in Daytona, Florida.

Led by their fearless and tough coach Monica, the team is comprised of incredible athletes who make great sacrifices, come from various backgrounds, and leave heartwarming impressions on audiences. All I can really say is, be the Jerry you want to see in the world.

The Righteous Gemstones


At the time of writing, I haven’t yet finished this hilarious HBO series, but each episode is better than the last. The Righteous Gemstones focuses on a televangelist family that has had incredible success and fame with their megachurch dynasty. It dives into the lives of the family’s patriarch and his three kids, all dysfunctional weidos in their own right, as they protect their religious empire from the sins they’ve committed themselves. From the get-go, this series has given me plenty to belly laugh, roll my eyes, and scoff about.


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    1. Wow, had no idea your wife worked on that show—how amazing! I’d seen that clip going around and loved the “Little Bit Alexis” with Kelly Clarkson’s flair. I’m glad Annie Murphy is getting the attention she deserves!

  1. SO many good shows! Schitt’s Creek is honestly one of the best shows ever. I watched Cheer even though I’m not into cheerleading too and was sucked in, it was so good. Currently in the middle of the Circle right now! 🙂

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