A week in photos: Bear on the Road

Everyone, meet Bear. He’s an unassuming stuffed animal teddy bear from Estes Park, Colorado. He now lives in New Castle, tucked into my bed.

Though I got him in middle school as a memento from a nice vacation, Bear has lived most of his life on a shelf. Over the past two years, however, I added Bear to my side of the bed as an extra cuddling device (note: I sleep SO much better with something to hold at night, for whatever reason).

When I was packing for my recent week-long California trip, I decided to take Bear along. Little did I know, he would quickly become a mascot for our group as we were on the road. He became a lead source of entertainment, laughter, and creativity on the 15-hour drive, as we tried to capture him in noteworthy positions throughout.

Bear on the Road

Throughout the trip, Bear saw many new things—from state borders to geographic landmarks to trains to palm trees, and just about everything in between. We passed through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California.

Bear on a Working Vacation

Bear got to see two parts of California: the cities of Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs. He stayed at the Miramonte Indian Wells Resort, as well as Aqua Soleil Hotel and Mineral Water Spa, and also got to see Two Bunch Palms Resort.

Bring a Bear

Though I didn’t expect anyone to see Bear, let alone champion him as the mascot of this trip, I’m sure glad he became an endless source of entertainment for our group of weary travelers. There was something fun about wandering around a fancy resort with a teddy bear, and making others smile in the process.

Cheers to Bear, the ultimate good sport.

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