5 things to do in New Castle, CO

Though I work and do a lot of recreating in Glenwood Springs, I actually don’t live there. Instead, I reside in a small community twelve miles west—a town called New Castle, Colorado.

New Castle has about 5,000 people; mostly residents, like Chad and I, who live and sleep in our cozy homes and then make our commute elsewhere during the work week. The area is picturesque, with the Colorado River running adjacent and hogback mountains surrounding the town like a towering gate.


Whenever we have guests, we take them on a quick tour of the town. I usually say something cliche about blinking and missing when we turn onto Main Street. I kid you not, the main thoroughfare of New Castle takes about two minutes to drive through, even with a reduced speed limit. There’s not a stoplight in sight.

I don’t want to cut New Castle short, though. It’s gorgeous, bright, and has plenty to do if you know where to look.

Things to Do in New Castle, CO

1. Get Outside

Personally, the biggest draw to spending time in New Castle for me is being outdoors. The entire town is connected through trails—some that traverse mountains, others that pass by flowing creeks, and many that zip and zag through residential neighborhoods. (One trail will even take you past a pet pig!)

Whether you prefer walking, hiking, jogging, or mountain biking (not to mention snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter), there’s something for you. All of the options have one thing in common: they are surrounded by in-your-face Colorado beauty.


2. Grab a Drink

While New Castle isn’t exactly crawling with bars, there is one: The Black Dog Saloon. The Black Dog is a great place to relax, sip a cheap beer, and even catch live music on the weekends. If you go with a local, the experience is even better: everyone seems to know everyone else, and you’ll fit right in without an introduction. Food-wise, I’m a sucker for their fish and chips option. Go early, though: they close at 10 p.m., even on the weekends.

3. Shoot, Swing, Score

There is an abundance of courts in town, ranging from basketball to tennis to pickleball. As the weather allows, grab a racket, ball, and a partner and get to work.

Be wary, though, the parks fill quickly, especially when the pickleball crowd is involved—this fast-growing sport has quite an expansive local following. Get there early!


4. Take a Class

Sitting in New Castle’s strip mall area is a local business, snuggled between the liquor store and Subway like a hidden gem. The Speckled Feather Mercantile wears many hats; as a store, there are a ton of arts and crafts products that make for a fine collection of house decor, gifts, and creative projects, often supporting other local businesses.

The Speckled Feather is also a place for art: they host monthly classes, from painting to pottery and everything in between, host private parties, and have an open workspace policy. What’s not to love?

5. Go for a Drive

In some ways, New Castle could be considered a gateway community. If you drive through town, consider continuing on into the back country. Breathtaking scenery exists in all directions, from the Buford Road hillside to the Flat Tops to Harvey Gap. Rifle Falls, too, is just a short drive away. Get in losers, we’re going exploring. 

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Most importantly: if you’re in my neck of the woods, be sure and say hi!


things to do new castle co
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7 thoughts on “5 things to do in New Castle, CO

      1. That’s what happened to me! It was called “Lifetime Sports” when I was in high school, and then I basically forgot about it until three years ago.

        I was also wondering … I’m 47, and am basically the baby wherever I play. You’re 24 … how do you know about the local pickleball scene! LOL

      2. How funny! And it’s hard to miss—the town’s outdoor courts are on the main drag through town, and you can see people out there playing, almost constantly. I’ve also looked into the nearby rec center and saw that they have leagues for all ages, and there are Facebook pages for interested players. It’s quite the craze!

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