Two Bunch Palms is a Desert Oasis

For our final night of the Hot Springs Connection conference, we enjoyed one final meal and evening in Desert Hot Springs, California, at a gorgeous resort called Two Bunch Palms.

Though I didn’t get to soak at the property’s renowned hot springs, I was able to explore the grounds, hang out with the resident ducks, enjoy a glass of wine, eat an outdoor dinner by candlelight, and participate in a yoga dome sound bath.

My experience at Two Bunch was a good one, made so by the expansive and diverse beauty around me.

Here are some photos from that beautiful November evening in California, in an oasis in the desert.

3 thoughts on “Two Bunch Palms is a Desert Oasis

  1. This sounds lovely! I’ve been to Palm Desert a few times in my life with my Dad’s family, but to get the best discount, we always go in the middle of July. When it is legitimately 118 degrees 🤦‍♀️. Your trip sounds much nicer!🙃

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