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For many, me included, skincare is a little bit of a revolving door. Such is the nature of an industry that has so many different options—there’s always a new face wash or brand or mask that’s coming out, being promoted, or just sitting on a lengthy Amazon wish list.

I mean, products don’t last forever. We’re bound to switch things up and buy new things.

Because of this, I figured that it would be a good idea to share what my current holy grail items are. Some of these have been regulars for years, while others are temporary installments.

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1. Acne Wash

The basis of my skin care is always a face wash that’s made specifically to help reduce acne. I rotate through all sorts of different products for this, from African Black Soap to a TJ Maxx on-sale item. I just look at the ingredients and make sure that there’s salicylic acid.

2. Tula

If you exist on Instagram and follow any big-time influencers, I guarantee that you’ve heard of Tula. This brand is simple, a little expensive, and popular for sponsored posts. I have their probiotic cleanser and enjoy it, though I wouldn’t necessarily rave about it being the end-all be-all. It lives in my shower, as a daily gentle wash.

3. Burt’s Bees Salicylic Acid

My skin reacts best to salicylic acid best, compared to other acne-fighting chemicals. The Burt’s Bees version ($8) is great for spot treatment (though you don’t get much in that bottle), and I can usually see the difference when I apply it to any of my problem areas.

4. Witch Hazel Toner

Witch Hazel is known for its many benefits: reduces inflammation, relieves skin irritation, fights acne, and alleviates redness. I usually use this all-natural solution as a toner after I wash my face, either once or twice a day. I go with Thayer’s brand, rose petal scented ($9).

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5. Collagen Moisturizer

My skin craves moisture, between Colorado’s dry climate and my own set of genes. I go for a collagen-boosted moisturizer, which also helps with elasticity. My go-to has been the $5 St. Ives product (sold in a two-pack).

6. Oil Control Lotion

I feel like my face produces enough oil to run a motorized vehicle. One of my solutions to this problem is using an oil control lotion, which also has SPF, to try and reduce some of that all-day shine. I’ve been using this $10 Differin lotion.

7. Rosehip Oil

Though it might seem counter-intuitive for me to put more oil on my already oily face, one of the reasons I over-produce oil is because I’m not getting enough moisture. So, the glands in my face overcompensate. Rosehip oil gives my skin some extra oily moisture, and is known to brighten skin, reduce scarring, and help with acne.

8. Clay Mask

A clay mask is part of my face mask rotation, because across the board they work to clean out and minimize pores (mine are huge) and reduce oil production. My favorite is the Indian Clay Mask, though I have many different products from tons of brands.

9. Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Also important is an exfoliating mask. My go-to is the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask ($39) from Banish Acne. I use this about once a week, in hopes to reduce my acne scarring.


And that’s it! Do you have any products that are a must for your skin care routine?

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4 thoughts on “My go-to skin care items

  1. Doesn’t the clay mask totally dry out your face? I used it long ago and it was too drying for me, even with my oily skin :/. I started using more skin care products this winter because I finally realized my makeup looks 10 times better when I take care of my skin.

    I use La Roche-Posay Effaclar Cleaning Gel for washing, which I really like. I bought very recently the Elizabeth Arden Hydragel ( it’s so much cheaper here in Europe than in the USA ) and I am waiting for some The Ordinary products. I hope these are gonna help with my acne scars, especially the chemical peel. 🙂

    1. For whatever reason, I’ve never felt like the clay mask dries out my skin. It makes my face super red for a little bit, but it usually calms down within 10 minutes and I use a moisturizer and I don’t notice any discomfort.

      I’ll have to check out those products! Thank you for sharing what you use. Especially the chemical peel, since I’d also like to concentrate a little more on the acne scarring aspect.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! And great job with taking care of your skin. 🙂

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