Best of October

Welcome to the eighth installment regarding my monthly favorites.

October Faves

There’s nowhere like home. If nothing else, October taught me that.

I’m not going to lie: this month threw me for a loop. As the first few days of October came and went, I packed my bags and so did I. I stayed in Denver for a week, pet sitting at my brother’s new house. For seven days I tried to make his home my own, and passed the time by seeing my very good friends, snuggling pups, watching a LOT of television, and pretending that I didn’t miss my husband as much as I did.

I got out a lot—played pool, watched rugby, ate some amazing meals, watched karaoke, bar-hopped, and even caught an amazing concert.

When I got home, I soon dealt with a sickness that wiped me out, followed shortly by a pulled muscle in my back that made it difficult to move. Chad got a second job at our local liquor store, I tried to recover, and it snowed. While things seem to be getting back to normal, I still feel as though my time away from home has put a wrench in my routine that I’m still recovering from.

Now, I’m preparing to head out on another trip for a week, once again. This weekend I’m going camping in Moab for a night, then hitting the road to California, where my firm is throwing a second-annual hot springs conference for owners and operators. We’re driving (16 hours each way), so wish me luck.

And with that, here are my top picks for the month of October.

best of oct
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New Clothes: Femme Luxe


My blogging status was validated when a clothing company sent me some clothes to review. I wrote about my new Femme Luxe items, which included some super cute pieces. Read my full review here.

Home Decor: Bedroom Update


Something I very desperately want is a home that I’m proud of. For the past several years, I’ve been trying to slowly make changes to our decor, replacing our outdated college finds with timeless pieces to upgrade our space. Our bedroom has been a big project; this year we got a new mattress, bed frame, bedside tables, and added some floral wall art. This month, I added a new centerpiece above our bed. Pretty on brand, huh?

Halloween Costume: Kim Possible


Halloween was exciting this year with an easy and on-point replication of the bad ass Kim Possible and her best friend Ron Stoppable. Chad and I had a ton of fun wearing this couple costume. More details will follow in a stand-alone post, so be on the lookout. 🙂

Concert Venue: Red Rocks


During my week in Denver, a definite highlight was the Vampire Weekend concert at Red Rocks. So many people consider Red Rocks to be the holy grail of all concert venues, and I can see why. It’s amazing, even when it’s snowing and you have to dance to stay warm.

Product: CBD Cream

brown and black plastic container
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For the past several months, Chad has been suffering from some intense hip pain, likely resulting from a pinched nerve. I was able to pick up some high-intensity CBD cream at Denver’s Native Roots (a CBD-only location on 16th Street Mall, though they have fully stocked dispensaries elsewhere), and it turned into a solid purchase. I used some after tweaking my back, and the pain subsided very quickly. CBD is a THC-free (THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that gets you high) compound that is made from the hemp plant, and is known for its wide range of healing benefits.

TV Show Round Up


October was a month of shows. Here are my favorites, of course.

  • Sex and the City. After watching the entire series, I’m now a Sex and the City fan. I loved watching the experiences of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte, and identifying in different ways with each of them. We just won’t talk about the movie adaptations.
  • Dark. Talk about a mind-twisting series! Dark is a German show on Netflix that involves secrets, a small town, and very intriguing concepts of time and travel. It’s very good, though it can be hard to keep track of all the characters past and present. (Like I kept telling Chad) pay attention!
  • Kim Possible. I had to rewatch some episodes, for research, right? Well, this cartoon following the kick-ass adventures of a teenage cheerleader who saves the day as her side gig has stood the test of time. It’s funny, probably more so as an adult, and I love KP’s flawless crime fighting comebacks.
  • Downton Abbey. I just started watching this PBS Masterpiece Theatre show on a whim, and I’m already obsessed. Just a few minutes into the show, and I was hooked. Lords, ladies, and servants of the estate Downton Abbey (think, like Pemberly) intertwine, and it’s fascinating to watch. Good acting, wonderful dialogue, lots of British fun. Far from boring. Thanks Mom, for your recommendation!

Fall Hike: Hanging Lake

This mysterious log remains suspended in the water at Hanging Lake.

It’s been about a year since I’ve gone on this hike to Hanging Lake; it’s perfect for the chill of autumn air. Though difficult and facing a chance of ice and snow, this 1-mile hike is a beautiful gem tucked into Western Colorado. Note, there’s a permit system in place now.

Neighborhood: Denver’s RiNo


After riding on electric scooters through Denver’s River North Art District, I would be remiss not to include this neighborhood as an instant favorite. It’s filled with distinct and colorful street art, as well as many delicious breweries.


And that rounds out my October favorites! Thanks for tagging along on my pursuit of sunshine.



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  1. Lots of great stuff here – let me say that “Downtown Abbey” does a nearly impossible feat: it manages to create a fully realized world of 20+ characters, each with unique personalities and storylines…the movie does the same!

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