Fall time in the Rockies

Fall time Snowmass Colorado

As soon as it appears, autumn in Colorado vanishes. Leaves turn vibrant hues of yellow, mixed with green and red, and before you know it, they scatter to the ground, ready to be crunched underfoot.

Fall is probably my favorite season. (I say probably, because I have a hard time committing to absolutes.) It’s beautiful, sunshiny, nostalgic, and incredibly expansive. I had the honor of growing up and now living on Colorado’s western slope, which is filled with vibrant aspen trees.

Fall time here is the best, and I’ll die on that hill.

Soaking Up the Color

Since fall foliage comes and goes so quickly, Chad and I made it our mission to spend a weekend leaf peeping. We decided to go on a hike in Snowmass (which is nearby the Maroon Bells, by the way) and a drive up Glenwood Springs’ Four Mile Road the next day, near Glenwood Springs

It was gorgeous and a very worthy use of time. Here’s a video capturing our experience and enjoying this glorious fall time.

Thank you for watching! Here’s a slideshow as well.

Above all: definitely make it a goal to see these views in person. Chase the sunshine, and you’ll surely end up here.

6 thoughts on “Fall time in the Rockies

    1. Thank you! So gorgeous. There are a ton of animals in this area, usually bears, elk and deer, moose, and mountain lions. Luckily we haven’t seen anything dangerous on a hike lately! But our neighborhood just had several bear sightings.

      1. I thought as much…I love the remote areas like this, but you know what they say: “the closer you are to the wild, the closer the wild is to you!”

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