Jump-suiting for joy: my favorite jumpsuits

Sunshine with Savannah

I have always wanted to be a jumpsuit person. Way back in the day, I wore overalls up until the time that our society considered them a major faux pas. Then, like most other people, I let the hope of wearing a giant onesie go. Until, very recently, they were suddenly considered “in” again.

Jumpsuits remind me of happy things. I think of my childhood, my high school’s art teacher (who wore and worked those bad boys consistently over the years), the collective women-held obsession over pockets (it means a lot when we come across items with them, let alone a surplus amount), and comfort.

Though I so badly wanted to be a jumpsuit person, I waited quite a while to pull the trigger and jump in—I mostly wanted to a) find the right jumpsuit for me, and b) see if the trend would be sticking around before I invested into it.

Since getting my array of new favorite jumpsuits, I’m more than pleased. Comfort, diversity, style. They are easy and fun and though inconvenient in a public restroom, are a staple item for my closet.

My Favorite Jumpsuit Picks

Levi’s Classic Denim Overalls

Amazon, $45

Sunshine with Savannah

I looooove these. They are trendy, flattering, and whimsical. I even wore them to a photo shoot: that’s how much faith I have in these. Keep in mind: there’s practically no stretch here. If you’d like a looser fit, definitely size up.


Ribbed Jumpsuit

Forever 21, $28

Forever 21 JumpsuitThis piece gives me some serious seventies vibes, in the best way. The color, texture, neckline, and buttons all make me feel extremely glamorous, though the suit itself is one of the comfiest pieces of clothing that I own.

Hot tip: this jumpsuit reveals everything—just know that going in.








Deep V Jumpsuit

jumpsuitAmazon, $25

I wore this exactly one time before the clasp broke and I retired the outfit completely. It was likely due to my own incompetence after a night of drinking, but I was bummed out nonetheless.

This suit was fun and flattering and made for a great night on the town.



Black Denim Cargo Overalls


Forever 21, $35

I wanted to find a pair of black overalls to transition into a more chic and classic look. I love black clothing and can’t really complain about an abundance of pockets, so this fit the bill.

While the size is a little tight, I’m really happy about this item. I foresee many outfits with this beauty as the centerpiece.




Loose, Green, Lovely

Forever 21, $35

Sunshine with Savannah jumpsuitThe final item on this list is likely my favorite. This Y-back suit is light, soft, and the closest that a jumpsuit can get to pajamas.

This item is wonderful, pretty, and very trendy—easily dressed up or down with an unexpected versatility. It’s very loose, with plenty of pocket space. I highly recommend owning a pair of these.





Which type could be in your list of favorite jumpsuits? At the end of the day, I always want to feel as happy as I do when I’m wearing a pair of loose overalls. I wish that kind of joy for you, too.


Sunshine with Savannah

6 thoughts on “Jump-suiting for joy: my favorite jumpsuits

  1. Because I’m a guy, this never would have occurred to me naturally, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that I learned women’s struggles with pockets were real!

    1. It’s hard to be in the know if you’ve never known! Chad has joked that he should enter the fashion industry just to make pants for women with functional pocket size, and thinks he would make millions. Since he’s definitely not a style icon himself, I have my doubts, but appreciate the support nonetheless. Thanks for reading!

      1. However, he is an engineer, so theoretically he’d be able to figure out how to put it together. He may just need your advice on the fashion part of it.

      2. And also the “best place to put them” part, and all the “you’re a guy, so you probably don’t know anything other than the engineering part” part of designing women’s clothing.

  2. I adore jumpsuits. They have been a staple throughout the summer for me and I love how flattering and comfortable they are. The classic denim overalls have got to be my favourite.

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