Married at 22: Date Night in Banff

Date night in Banff

During our family Banff vacation, Chad and I found ourselves with a rare evening alone. As my parents headed off to their company function, me and the hubs prepared for a night of fun out on the town. Date night in Banff was a blast. 

Making My (Our) Way Downtown

As if paying homage to Vanessa Carlton, Chad and I made our way downtown with a pleasant walk. Our castle hotel was only less than a mile away from the main thoroughfare, so we strolled hand-in-hand, enjoying the views of the surrounding mountains, the gorgeous river, and the bridge that my structural engineer husband couldn’t help but admire.

Banff Canada

Drink Up

In our true #Weekender fashion, Chad and I decided to make our first stop at the Banff Avenue Brewing Company. We definitely got our money’s worth.

Because we were full from our delicious lunch at a local Indian restaurant, Chad and I opted to just stick with beer. We decided to each go with the sampler—a flight of six beers of our choosing. Each sample was six ounces, though.

So, 36 ounces of beer. No big deal.

In the end, that was the right choice: we sat and sipped and talked for a few hours, enjoying both the company and the beer. We split an appetizer, too. What else? Poutine. A Canadian special and a very obvious delight.

Poutine is delicious!

Save Room for Dessert

After our brewery stop, Chad and I wandered down Main Street in search of ice cream. We found a nice candy store with a cooler in the back, and enjoyed our options. Channeling my inner 5 year old, I went with the cotton candy flavor. Chad chose coconut.

Date night in Banff
Date night ice cream in Banff!

It was delicious.

Drinks at the Rundle

Our night came to a close with drinks at the Castle’s Rundle Lounge. I went with a vodka cocktail while Chad sipped on a scotch. With the lights dimmed and a live musician strumming his guitar, the Rundle was a pleasant place to wind down after a fun evening.

Date Night in Banff: a Success

For us, the night was a successful evening getting to know Banff a little better, while also enjoying each other’s company. Cheers to Chad, my personal dose of sunshine.

14 thoughts on “Married at 22: Date Night in Banff

  1. Ah, what a lovely date night, everything sounds just perfect! I’ve never heard of Poutine before,I’m very intrigued (just had to Google it!) and your choice of ice cream is perfect. Also,your cover pic is stunning, you take wonderful photos 🙂 Lisa x

    1. It was a wonderful time! I feel very fortunate to have been in such a beautiful place to explore. I hope you’re able to try poutine sometime! It was delicious, as well as the ice cream! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. xx

  2. Happy date night! Banff is so gorgeous, I’d love to visit there again.
    Back in my DQ days, my supervisor showed me cotton candy blizzard with mint and that was when I became a fan of cotton candy ice cream. They’re delicious!

    1. I’d also love to return! that’s so funny that you mention DQ, because my first ever blizzard was cotton-candy flavored and I thought I imagined it because I couldn’t find it on the menu years later. so good! thank you so much for reading and commenting.

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