24 Hours in the Boat

Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs is a town in Colorado that drips with luxury. Similar to Aspen and Vail, it boasts a top-notch ski resort and a sophisticated attitude to match. A prime example is their snow, which is literally trademarked as Champagne Powder.

It’s fancy, guys. And beautiful. And, as many resort towns are, it can get expensive.

And you know what? I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Normal Person. We’re almost always in budget mode, we put away a significant chunk into savings each month, and I’ve never spent more than $25 on any item of clothing.

Yet, Steamboat Springs draws me in. Easily. How can it not? The town itself is gorgeous—surrounded by textbook Colorado beauty, including snow-topped peaks (even in summer), lush greenery, and a small town feel. There are hikes and hot springs and delicious restaurants. Steamboat Springs is an experience. It’s one worth doing.

If you only have 24 hours, you can slip in and out of the town and still enjoy some of the best it has to offer. A day in the Boat is still a day in the Boat.

What to Do in a Day in Steamboat Springs, CO

Where to Stay

Like many resort towns in Colorado, lodging can be expensive. Chad and I have always had success, however, with Airbnb. This app makes things super easy and affordable; we were able to stay right in town, with pubic transportation nearby, without breaking the bank. Check out their listings several months in advance, and you won’t be disappointed.

Steamboat Springs

Where to Eat

For breakfast, check out Freshies and Winona’s. Freshies is a popular option, so be sure to go before the weekend brush rush. I recommend their green smoothie bowl, which is a decadent-yet-healthy spin on the trendy favorite. Winona’s is a delicious option with all the classics—you can’t go wrong with any of their scrambles or skillets.

Lunch is served all over the main thoroughfare in town. Check out Carl’s Tavern, Back Door Grill, Salt N Lime, or Rootz.


There are a ton of different dinner dining options in Steamboat Springs. I highly recommend Fiesta Jalisco, which had a great family-friendly vibe, delicious (and large) servings, and top-notch margaritas. When we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, Chad and I enjoyed a meal at Mambo Italiano. This restaurant is perfect for a higher end option, with exquisite options and a romantic ambiance, worthy of a splurge.

Morning Activity

In true Colorado fashion, the mornings are the perfect time to spend some time in the outdoors. Head to the trails for a hike; local favorites include Fish Creek Falls, Emerald Mountain, and Mad Creek Trailhead.

Another option is to head to the Yampah River Botanic Park. It’s a free experience that showcases the beauty of local plants and flowers. Stroll through, take some pics, admire the landscaping, and breathe in that fresh mountain air.

Steamboat Springs

Another option is walking around town. There’s art work, statues, and plenty of shopping. Snag some pics of some of the creative sights around town. My personal favorite is the pig statue. (Of course.)

Steamboat Springs pig


Afternoon Activity

In addition to hiking and fishing options, Steamboat Springs also has high altitude lakes and reservoirs available for summer fun. You can rent a boat or a Stand Up Paddle board and get on the water, or even enjoy some leisurely swimming.

One of our favorite things to do is brewery hop. Steamboat Springs has several great options, including Mountain Tap, Storm Peak, Mahogany Ridge, and Butcherknife Brewing Company. And, if you happen to catch a beer festival in the area, prepare to have a blast.


Evening Activity

The best way to round out a day in Steamboat Springs is to head to the hot springs. Old Town Hot Springs is a family-friendly epicenter for fun; with water slides, a kid’s area, lap lanes, and a downtown location, Old Town brings the fun.

old town

For adults, especially couples, Strawberry Park Hot Springs is an ideal stop. It’s rustic, beautiful, and relaxing. Kids aren’t allowed after dark, so Strawberry is best for adults looking for rest and tranquility.


Treat Yo Self

Escape to Steamboat Springs, and enjoy all the fancy perks of jumping into the luxurious feel of this mountainous Colorado resort town.



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