Grateful for all of you

With my first year of blogging coming up, there’s been a lot to think about, especially regarding the people that have impacted my journey thus far.

Here’s the deal: without each and every one of you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Blogging is fulfilling because of the people I get to connect with and the audience relationships I’m able to build.

Thank you, readers, from the bottom of my heart. To every person who has read my posts, clicked on my links, left a comment, retweeted a promotion, entered a giveaway, or followed my blog, I appreciate your support, faith, readership, and encouragement. You are amazing, and I love being able to connect and grow with you on this crazy journey.

To my newfound blogging buds and those that I read religiously (some sites to check out include Bill, Rosie, JennyKelly, Nancy, Becky, and Katrina), and anyone who has so kindly tagged me in a “Follow Friday” or Sunshine Award post, I have so enjoyed getting to know you and hanging onto every post you publish. You are talented and make this blogging gig fun, rewarding, and exciting.

Financial Supporters

Last but not least, this month’s gratitude post is dedicated to readers who have transcended their support into monetary value. When I made moves and tried new pursuits, you decided to give my products a shot, rather than rolling your eyes at my latest method of self promotion.


The following people deserve a huge shout out for their contributions to my small business:

My mom. Thank you, Mom, for being my very first subscriber, buying me regular “kofi’s,” shopping my blog store, sharing my successes, and always being a supporter of my dreams and creative pursuits. I love you and appreciate you.

My dad. Likewise, my dad has worn a “proud blogger dad” hat, by donating to my kofi coffee fund, subscribing to my blog, and wearing his Sunshine Forever tee shirt in public. Love you, pops.

Alexis. As a loyal reader and one of the very first to donate to my kofi coffee fund, I so appreciate my former roomie, hilarious commentator, meme sender, and forever-friend. Bestie for the restie. And Jess too. Love ya my dudes.

Spencer. My brother deserves praise as someone who reads my writing, trusts my proofing abilities, and has donated to my kofi coffee fund, even all the way from India. Thanks buddy, love ya.

My grandma. To my Grandma Shirley, thank you so much for being my first customer! I think the Sunshine Forever shirt looks great on you, and I so appreciate you going out of your way to buy it. Lots of love, Grandma!

Sheryl. Sheryl Stusse is a treasure! My second-cousin has supported my every move, by constantly engaging with my Facebook posts, buying several rounds of my blog merchandise, and cheering me on, every step of the way. Thank you so much, Sheryl!

Gloria. As a former teacher, Mrs. Waggoner has always supported my growth and education. Now, as an adult, she has also supported my blog by purchasing several of my items. Thank you, so much, for always believing in what I do.

Karen. I have been lucky enough to taste some delicious Bake-Off-worthy treats in my life, made from Karen’s kitchen. If that wasn’t enough, Karen also purchased items from my blog store! Thank you, Karen, for following along on my journey and always making everyone in the room feel special.

Becky. My aunt Becky was thoughtful and kind enough to support my blog and purchase a few shirts and stationary from my blog. Thanks to you, Jess, and Ava for spreading my brand of sunshine.

Lesa. I’ve written about Lesa before—she’s a wonderful artist and family friend, and she also further supported my blog this month with a store purchase.

Stacy. Thank you to my aunt Stacy, who has recently placed an order from my shop, and has always supported me in all that I do.

Special Mention

Penny. Penny deserves some special attention for ALWAYS sharing my tweets and statuses and articles. Thank you so much!

Carmen. Shout out to Carmen, who was kind enough to enter my Twitter giveaway contest and WON! She’s the bee’s knees—a talented, artistic, and kind person who deserves to win many free t-shirts. Thanks for your support, Carmen!

Thank You.jpg
Thank you to everyone who has added extra love and sunshine into my life. Sending warmth your way,




12 thoughts on “Grateful for all of you

  1. Well done on blogging for a whole year! Feels like you’ve been blogging for much longer with the way you write your posts and how wise you come across in them

    I like how you directly mentioned the people you were appreciative of. It makes it all more real 🙂 Keeping doing your thing, as I said before a place in the creative industry is literally made for you 👊🏾

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

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