Mineral Hygienics Make Up Review

When it comes to makeup, I typically reach for the familiar. It has to do with habit, a tight budget, and a slight fear associated with “I’m not sure that will look good on my skin.”

Here’s what familiar looks like to me: a liquid, fair-tinted foundation. With larger pores, a freckled face, and traces of acne scarring, I prefer fuller coverage. To me, the liquid stuff has always equated a fuller and longer-lasting face, so I get the same stuff whenever I run out.

It was a pleasant surprise, then, when Mineral Hygienics reached out to me and asked me to try out their makeup products. I had never heard of them and am relatively unfamiliar with mineral makeup (except for that one time I dabbled with a brand in the incorrect shade, oops) in general.

I’ll let you in on my initial feelings—I was nervous, scared, and a little insecure. Would a powder be enough? Could you see flaws easily underneath? Can my skin handle the change?

Check out my gifted-and-honest review of Mineral Hygienics powder products—from a novice perspective.

The Complete Package

Mineral Hygienics sent me their Custom Startup Kit, which is priced at $59.99. Their website says that this kit has a $150 value. This kit included:

  • Mineral SPF Foundation – Fair
  • Mineral SPF Foundation – Fairly Light
  • Mineral Enhancer – Cool Kiss
  • Translucent Finishing Powder – Sheer Perfection Translucent
  • Kabuki Brush
  • Flawless Face Mineral Brush
  • Wonder Cover Concealer Brush
  • Detailed how-to guide
The Mineral Hygienics Startup Kit

First Impressions

  • The branded box is lovely, as well as the presentation of the contents inside. Mineral Hygienics appears to be proud of what they create.
  • Product packaging is pretty straight forward. The powders come in traditional containers.
  • There are 14 different foundation color options. This feels significant and like there are a true array of options; I decided to go with two of the lighter shades, and I’m glad I sampled both. This link helped me to choose.
  • This kit comes with a comprehensive directions packet. Instructions for everything you could possibly need, including the low down on brush types and how to use them correctly, is included. This is excellent customer service and helpful literature.
Mineral Hygienics foundation

After Applying


  • My skin looks natural and good even up close. Can barely tell I’m wearing anything.
  • Mineral products are good for my skin, so there’s absolutely zero guilt involved in wearing this makeup.
  • I love that it’s not just foundation. It’s so nice to have the blush color and the translucent powder as well, for a complete look.
  • There’s still a ton of coverage, even though it took a few layers for me to feel like it. My fears about a fuller face did not come true.
My face, wearing Mineral Hygienics products.


  • Since I’m new to powder makeup, there’s a bit of a learning curve. Buffing? Blending? Huh? Luckily there’s a full instruction manual to get me through. It’s a little overwhelming before getting into the swing of things. But it’s makeup application, not rocket science. Not even regular science. My point: any difficulties go away pretty quickly.
  • Buffing and blending take time. I usually can do my makeup super, super quick, and this takes a little extra attention.
The Mineral Hygienics Starter Kit included these three brushes.

Would I Buy This?

Honestly? Yes! I fully intend to buy more once my current supply runs out. I wish I had a promo code or something to promote, but I think paying full price will be worth it too.

Final Results

I love this makeup set. I’ve found that overall, this powder enhances the characteristics of my skin and face—the things that make it unique—rather than masking it.

My full face of Mineral Hygienics makeup. 

When it comes to liquid foundations, I still love them and the confidence they lend me. However, since using these mineral powders, I have seen a clear difference in how the product looks on my skin: the powder blends in a little better, with a more natural effect. I like this, a lot. Even when I’m wearing more layers, building more coverage, it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a lot—even up close.

This makeup is something I’m happy to add into my everyday routine, as long as I have enough time to buff and blend and apply properly. As someone who is chronically late, I’ll need to adjust a little bit. The extra few minutes, however, are worth it. I’m happy and glowy and feel both natural and satisfied with Mineral Hygienics, which goes incredibly above and beyond what I expected.

Thank you, Mineral Hygienics! I can honestly say that this makeup is the bomb dot com.

My face, up close and personal, wearing Mineral Hygienics products.

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