Cheers to the Reds, Whites, & Brews Beer Fest

Happy Fourth of July! In the name of further patriotism, here’s a recap of an event that was named for America’s flag.

For Chad’s birthday this year, I decided to surprise him with a weekend getaway to one of our favorite mountain towns: Steamboat Springs. This trip, though, included a fun-packed day at the Reds, Whites, & Brews Beer Fest.

Even amid rain and snow (yes, on the official first day of summer) (yes, I could have cried), we had an amazing time in the mountains, clinking our glasses and sipping on full pours of delicious brews.

The Set Up

Reds, Whites, & Brews was a super casual, fun-packed event. It spanned one or two city blocks, with prime river views and tents dedicated to vendors of all sorts—from breweries to outdoor gear innovators to local dispensaries to street food sellers to wineries. Booze and more.

There was live music and dancing, even when the weather was at its ugliest. There was a mix of folk and modern tunes; I couldn’t help but smile when “Gloria” by the Lumineers was covered, or raise my glass for “Shut Up and Dance.”

As an added bonus, the weekly summer farmer’s market was just down the street, and we were able to carry our full glasses around and check them out, too. Everything was very open and welcoming. As long as we had our wristbands indicating our age and verifying our tickets, we could sip and walk as much as we liked, stopping at tents for more beer.

A few months prior to the event, I ordered us two VIP tickets, at $65 each. This turned out to be a heck of a deal: they included unlimited full pours, a VIP tent (essential to get through the rain and snow) with private bathrooms, beer, and easy access to water, and catered food throughout the day. Definitely worth it!

The Beer

I went into the festival with an open mind. I prefer sour beers above anything else (the fruitier, sourer, tangier the better), but more and more I have ventured beyond, even enjoying an IPA or two, every once in a while.

Chad and I were both pleased with the selection. There were plenty of fruited beers to appease my flavor profile, but there were also dozens of really solid options from across the board. We always tried to get something different from each stand, and sample each other’s choice. Having a partner for these kind of events is essential, we quickly figured out.

Some highlights were Omission’s gluten-free beers, from Golden, CO; anything from 4 Noses out of Broomfield, CO; Eddyline’s raspberry delight from Buena Vista, CO; and Upslope’s Boulder brews. There were so many delicious variations on classics, and many tents from across the state and the country. The full list of breweries is available here.


Chad and I clinked glasses, laughed, posed, admired and critiqued, and enjoyed every single moment of the festival. We’ll be back. Next time, feel free to join us.

Tickets: $30 – $65, with DD options available; purchase online or in-person the day of
Location: Steamboat Springs, CO


4 thoughts on “Cheers to the Reds, Whites, & Brews Beer Fest

  1. I don’t think I’ve come across someone else who likes sours, too! I love fruity beers, but I’ll also drink IPAs. The fest sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  2. It is so cool that you got to check out Steamboat Springs! Mmm, you can never go wrong with brews, hehe. It is interesting to see how different companies brew their own beer. Glad you enjoyed your time out there!

    Nancy ♥

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