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I’m an introverted homebody, and I’ve been known to call my bed my favorite place in the world. (My husband refers to it as The Swamp, and me, The Swamp Monster.) And though I love getting outside and exploring and going on out-of-town adventures, there’s nothing quite like snuggling up on the couch.

This can be a bit of a detriment to my productivity, especially when I work from home. While I can sometimes thrive in a world of comfort—cuddled up in sweatpants and several layers of blankets, laying across my love seat—there are times when it’s too easy to close my email and surf social media instead.

Recently, I found out that my work-from-home days will increase by 100%. This summer, my physical work office will not be renewing its lease. All of us at the firm will be working from home, with an in-person meeting about once a week.

I’m thrilled about this. However, I also recognize that I need to make a few adjustments at home before I’m ready to spend all of my time working, rather than lounging.

Home Office Renovation

Luckily, my husband and I have a dedicated office space already. Typically Chad spends the most time in here, usually after work as he relaxes with his desktop computer. Because of this, the space has become functional-only, a little messy, and void of my style or presence. I decided to change things up a bit. I’m determined to make this space one that I want to spend time in, to boost my productivity and overall enjoyment.

New Style

After scouring Pinterest up and down into the late hours of the night, I decided to go with a home office style that is a mix of modern and mid-century modern. I’m partial toward white shaggy rugs, plastic-y chairs, and a comfortable accent chair in the corner. I want to make the decor more purposeful and chic, rather than a splatter of personal effects.

If that means pairing down all of my pig-related decor, so be it. It’s time.

Purchased Upgrades

Since we’re doing our best to be ballers on a budget, I sourced all of my new materials from affordable vendors. Almost everything came from Amazon and Target, with some boxes from Michaels and accent pieces from Wayfair (only after they were heavily discounted on their “Way Day” sale!).

Amazon Items

Accent Chair, Modern Desk Chair, Floating Shelves, Chair Shag Rug, Marble Mouse Pad, Acrylic Desk Risers, Hanging Planters, Faux Plants


Target Items

Black File Storage, Rolling Cart


World Market Items

Hook Wall Rack (I got two), Gold Planters


Michael’s Items

Photo Storage Boxes (for files, supplies, etc.)


Wayfair Items

Throw Blanket, Faux Fur Throw Pillows, Chair Cushions (double stacked for extra comfort), Gold Planters



There were three do-it-yourself projects in the office space.

1. The bookshelf

This lofty vision involved taking our erect secondhand picture-board bookshelf and painting it white, then laying it horizontal in the room. I was able to free up a lot of space and put the new accent chair in that area, as well as doubled the storage space with the horizontal change.

2. The re-purposed baskets

We stained a few cheap wooden baskets to use in our wedding, and they’ve been taking up random spaces in our house since then. I decided to paint two of them white, and use them in the office as an extra bookcase and office supply area, since my books desperately needed a new home.

3. The rolling paper dispenser

Though I haven’t put it up yet, I left a space for a wall-mounted note scroll. This was my inspiration. I bought a mountable paper towel dispenser and craft paper. Super easy and simple!

The Final Result

Now, the office is a functional space, but most importantly, I want to spend time in here. It’s cute and trendy and comfy and, best of all, designed with my own taste in mind. My favorite part is the reading nook corner space, where I can now escape to in between bursts of productivity at the desk.

It was a bit of a lengthy project, but such a great upgrade. I’m super happy about my new sunshine space.

New Office

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28 thoughts on “Home Office Remodel

  1. Love your home office look! Especially the greenage. It’s really chic and modern yet pretty.
    You did an awesome job!

    1. Thanks! I’d love to transition from faux plants to real ones, but that might take awhile to figure out how to change my thumb from black to green ;). Thank you for reading and for your kind words!

  2. I am also an introvert and I don’t mind being at home all day enjoying my peace and quiet. The downside is that I am hardly ever productive at home. I really love your idea of having an home office . It will make me work better at home.

  3. Hi Savannah! First, I followed your blog and second this office space is AH-MAY-ZIIIING!!!!! I adore the wall decor and that reading corner is cozy af! How about you adding diy tips, genius! I can’t wait to get my own place so I can do something like this, thanks for sharing 😁👏🏾

    Natonya | https://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks for following along, Natonya!! And omg, thank you so much! I am LOVING the space so far. We do rent our place, so I felt a little guilty putting a lot of holes in the wall, but whenever we move out I’ll be sure to fill them in :). Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words!

  4. Your setup is so beautiful! I’m obsessed with that wall rack with the plants. You have such great style!! I definitely got a lot of inspo form this post. Thank you so much for sharing! I also love the set up of your blog so much.

  5. I truly love what you’ve done with your space. It can be fun to have a home office. I love my “cloffice” (part office, part closet) and it helps me keep my work life separate from my chill space (aka the bedroom and couch). Your little reading nook is my favorite part of the room. It looks SO cozy!

    1. Thank you so much, you’re too sweet! And I definitely put the nook in there to have a little separation—a place where I could escape and take a quick break when I need it. So far I’m loving it! I love how spaces big and small can be transformed, like you mentioned. Thanks for reading!

  6. Your office looks so aesthetic! I sometimes work from home for my job and end up sitting in bed which is so bad! I’m glad I don’t have to work from home everyday though because I would definitely end up not doing a thing haha! Loving your remodelled office 🙂

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