Wandering Through Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument is a gorgeous and unexpected treasure located on the western side of this diverse state, in Grand Junction.

A few weeks ago, Chad and I were able to visit the monument and take our time driving through; we took advantage of all the overlooks, posed in front of geological formations, and couldn’t help but appreciate the rugged and somewhat unknown beauty of this national landmark.

You can hike, bike (though it looks mildly terrifying), and drive through—spend an hour, afternoon, or entire week exploring the area and getting to know the trails and local wildlife.

Entrance Fees

Since it is a national park, there are fees involved. No worries, though, since the money goes to a worthy cause.

Private, non-commercial vehicle: $20
Motorcycle: $15
Individual (hiker, bicyclist): $10

Passes are paid for at the entrance station by credit card, cash or by check, and are good for seven days.

Visit Today

If you have time for a visit, Colorado National Monument is worth a trek, whether it’s from across the state, country, or pond. If you’re looking for other things to do, check out my recent post on local activities.

Sunshine radiates here.


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    1. I never made that connection but I totally agree! Some people do some extreme climbing there and I will now forever wonder if it’s Tom Cruise filming another in the series 😂. Thank you for reading!

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