Best of May


Welcome to the third installment regarding my monthly favorites.

May Faves

If there’s one takeaway from the month of May, it’s this: I’m tired.

May was packed full to the brim for me. I started the month out in Grand Junction, pet sitting my two favorite pups. I traveled back and forth several times, was able to enjoy lots of alone time, play host to a family friend for a weekend, and sleep in the comfiest bed I’ve ever known (Mom and Dad, you have excellent taste).

The rest of the month unraveled as quickly as it came, with two parties in two weeks (bless my introverted heart!), lots of quality time with some of our best friends, several days wearing mom jeans, a trip to Denver, and a whole bunch of Game of Thrones talk. There was even a snow day on May 21, but I’d rather not talk about it.

I rounded out the end of the month by celebrating my dad’s birthday in Grand Junction for a lovely dinner. He’s the best and deserves the best. Happy birthday, Pops!!

Blog-wise, I’ve had an exciting time. Not only did I create an Instagram page, but I also created, ordered, and sold a few orders on my online store!!!!! This was a huge push forward and a really great creative exercise. Shout out to my mom, grandma, and second-cousin Sheryl, who were the first to support this small biz.

And with that, here are my top picks for the month of May.


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Activity: Bowling



I’ll be honest: I’m either kinda okay at bowling or absolutely terrible. There’s not much room in between, so I flounder between the two options. When we went bowling in Denver a few weekends ago, I scraped the bottom of the barrel without breaking 100. Yikes. However, I love bowling SO much (and am probably terrible because I don’t get nearly enough practice), and I especially enjoyed the company. Shout out to some of our very best friends, Alexis, Jessica, Phil, and Cali, for making it fun, even when I threw four gutter balls in a row.


TV Show: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina



If you’re okay with a show that follows extremely good-looking teenagers, has some spooky moments, and is a less wholesome remake of a beloved sitcom, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina might be up your alley. Even though I scare pretty easily, I just can’t get enough of this Netflix original following the one and only Sabrina Spellman. This month we devoured season 2, and I’ve been left craving more.

Blogging Resource: UNUM


I did it, everyone. I finally created an Instagram 100% dedicated to my blog (my username is @ sunshinewithsavannah, if you want to follow). Before pulling the trigger, I promised myself that I would plan out content for at least 100 days before making the page, because I didn’t want to overwhelm myself.

I used UNUM—a website/app with grid space—to map out my feed. I have a cohesive theme and feed that I was able to really easily design thanks to UNUM. My blogger, vlogger, and IRL friend Ashley saved the day with this suggestion! I highly recommend UNUM as an Insta tool to up your game.

Product: Sunshine Forever Tee


Though I can’t say I’m much of a fashionista, I do come across favorite closet items every once in a while. This month’s, of course, is the shirt I designed myself. I feel cool and trendy in this bad boy with the sleeves rolled. (And you can too! Orders can be placed here.) I might actually wear this shirt every day for the summer. We’ll see.

Boozy Escapade: Edgewater Brewery


At the beginning of May, Chad and I were able to try something new. We wandered to Edgewater Brewwery in Grand Junction. We each ordered a flight of beers and split a basket of cheese curds (though my dairy-intolerant stomach wasn’t pleased, my taste buds sure were). The consensus: a resounding yasss. Bonus points to the Gose, which was my surprising favorite brew.

Author: Jojo Moyes


I’m on another author kick. I’ve moved on from Emily Giffin to Jojo Moyes, continuing on my chick-lit journey. I sped-read Me Before You, took my time savoring One Plus One, and am now feverishly enjoying The Girl You Left Behind. Moyes is a talented and humorous storyteller, with an uncanny voice and a style that I will not soon forget.

Breakfast Place: Le Peep


When we visited Denver, Chad and I were able to meet up with my brother, sister-in-law, and our adorable niece Nora, for a breakfast at Le Peep. As my bro so eloquently said, “Le Peep is le sweet.” Though a chain, this breakfast place has a large menu, is super family friendly, and makes a mean breakfast burrito.

Most Exciting Thing: New Tattoo


Here’s the best part: I got a new tattoo! It’s still very new, but I’m in love. The mountains represent so much; they pull me in, ground me, and will always be home. And now, they are permanently dancing on my shoulder. Yay! I’m really excited and enjoy the feeling of fresh ink.


And that rounds out May favorites! Thanks for tagging along on my pursuit of sunshine.



19 thoughts on “Best of May

  1. Oh wow May definitely seems like a busy one – but it also looks jam packed full of lots of fun stuff too! Your tattoo looks amazing btw!

  2. That’s a busy month right there, but looks like you did some great things. Love the tattoo by the way, it’s beautiful

  3. I love your new tattoo – it’s beautiful. I also loved Sabrina – such a step away from the original but a welcome change.

    – Nyxie

  4. This is such a cute post! I love your tattoo, girl! Also Sabrina is a great showI loved the 90s sitcom growing up. Although this show is very different from the original, it’s one of my faves! x

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