Su Vino Winery in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona

Su Vino Winery is located in the heart of Scottsdale’s Old Town District. We stumbled upon this winery through Groupon, and went with an amazing deal for two tastings and a shared appetizer.

Chad and I haven’t ever gone to a winery on our own, so it was a fun and refreshing experience. Though breweries are normally are go-to, mixing it up with the grape juice nectar of the gods was a good change of pace.

First Impressions

Su Vino seems trendy, classy, and upscale. We sat at the bar, and felt as though it enhanced the experience by making it even more intimate. They gave us a sheet to take notes as we tasted, which was a nice touch. 

The atmosphere was on the fancy end, and we were glad that we were wearing our dressier outfits for the trip. Overall, it was a super cute and sophisticated date venue that we really enjoyed.

The Wine

We absolutely loved the wine. My favorite part of the tasting was that we were able to select the wines we wanted to try, rather than having a pre-determined menu for the tasting. I went with all the fruity and sweet options, like the Peachy Keen, Summer Rain, and RazzleDazzle options. They were delicious and infused with fun and fresh flavors. I have a sweet tooth, and these options totally hit the spot. Su Vino also had other varieties, like drier reds, so there’s a lot to choose from for tasters with different palettes.  

The Food

We decided to go with a caprese spread, which was ultimately huge, filling, and yummy. By the end we were stuffed, and considered the appetizer a great deal to go with the tasting. 

Overall: Worth It

Su Vino Winery was an excellent stop on our Arizona vacation. We are very grateful that we found our way to the winery, and would definitely return. As of now, we’re investigating whether or not they sell their delicious blends online.

If you’re in the area, be sure to make your way to Su Vino Winery, especially if you’re looking for a cute and inexpensive date night that feels high-end and intimate. 

Update: they sure do. 


20 thoughts on “Su Vino Winery in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona

  1. Looks like a nice place. I like that they let you choose what you wanted to try instead of just pouring samples of whatever.

  2. I’d love to go there! We have wineries upisland here and taking a tour of them to find some good merlots is on my to-do list for this summer 😉

    1. That sounds like incredible fun! I’d love to write more about local wineries and breweries, since I’m lucky to have a high concentration so close. You’re in Canada, right? I’m hoping to travel there this summer, and a merlot quest sounds right up my alley. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. I love Groupon myself, I always forget about it during the winter months and magically think about it again in the spring and summer. I think it’s cool you guys got to pick which wines to try, the tours ive been in the wines were already chosen. Mm I love caprese! It sounds like you guys had a fun trip!

    1. It’s such a great resource! I live in a rural area, so I normally only am able to use it when we travel. That’s okay though, since it saves me from spending too much money regularly! And I agree—it was one of the first times that we got to do that and pick our own. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  4. This is a well-structured comprehensive guide, congrats! Makes me feel like opening a bottle now… Talk about being influenceable!

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