Smooth hair, don’t care

The title of this post is misleading. As of recently, I have smooth hair. And I care. A lot.

Let’s rewind: for the past few months, I have been growing increasingly frustrated. The source of my woes has been my hair; last May I cut off much of it, in-part to increase its health (the other motive was a big life change and identity crisis). #FreshStart, right?

You can probably imagine my feelings when my hair did not, in fact, get healthier, but seemed to take a turn for the worst.

The Problem

Over time, my hair quality declined. It hasn’t really been noticeable to anyone except for me; it looked similar, but felt different to the touch.

I’ve always had thick gingery locks; it’s usually a coarse quality, but has its moments of soft and shine. Somehow between summer and winter, my hair became gunky and gross. It didn’t feel thick, it was more clumpy.

It was like there was a film over my hair. It felt glumpy, as if it was hard to get clean, even right after showers. I almost wondered if my hair wasn’t drying correctly, or if I wasn’t doing a good enough job rinsing when I showered.

I scoured the internet for similar stories, and there were a few. One suggestion was to use a clarifying shampoo, another suggested a few “build-up” DIY washes. I whipped up a vinegar mix, messaged a hair stylist friend for shampoo recommendations, and felt a little hopeless when my hair still felt heavy and dull.

The Solution

All of my problems have been solved. Nope—not an exaggeration.

I decided that I should treat myself to a haircut, and also get a conditioning treatment. I also figured that my hair stylist could, at the very least, offer her two cents.

Oh, she delivered. At the salon, she released a lot of helpful information, including the source of my hair problems, with a single question: “have you been swimming lately?”

Instant relief. My hair wasn’t gross because I somehow picked up bad habits, or because I chose all the wrong products. The reason was because my hair was affected by the minerals in all the hot springs I’ve been visiting lately.

It turns out that the hair is like a sponge, and has been retaining the mineral deposits left from my swims; even more so in cases where I couldn’t shower right after, or I spent a long time with my head under water.

Quick Fix

Maybe the best part of my experience was getting a super affordable conditioning treatment, which fully restored the health of my hair. And beyond. Seriously—I’m a week replaced from my appointment, and my hair is softer and silkier than it has been in over 15 years.

My stylist did say that this treatment would bring my hair back to “virgin hair quality.” I was a little stumped, because my hair has never been died and is technically virginal. However, it went beyond my expectations.

The best part? It was only $25. I’m still blinking in disbelief.

Here’s the deets: the conditioning treatment was called “Tigi SOS Reconditioning Treatment.” And according to my stylist, Tigi has a take-home product that’s just as affordable. There were two options in the salon: the more intensive ($25, and my pick), or a customizable treatment for $15. Mine lasts a little longer, but both are supposed to be top-notch.

Not an Ad, Just a Glowing Review

I am not sponsored or advertising in any way. I mean, I wish I was! I can only imagine getting a hookup with this product; I’d be ecstatic. I just want the world to be aware of this insane product and its results, which have left me happy with a healthy head of hair.

My hair has been feeling silky and smooth ever since its treatment.

If you have had similar hair treatment results and happy surprises, let me know!

Go forth and shine on,




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16 thoughts on “Smooth hair, don’t care

  1. I had a similar problem. I had long hair which had become so frizzy. I decided to cut off it short during New Year and now my hair texture has improved. I will definitely check out your product. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I feel ya with the frizz, too! It’s really not fun. I’m glad to hear that your hair cut helped! I’m enjoying growing my hair back out, but it’s been super fun and easy to style. Thank you for reading! 🙂

  2. I definitely need something like this for my hair, a conditioning treatment. I use hair masks once a week at least. I want to get my hair coloured soon, so maybe I will ask my hairdresser about a treatment. Thank you for sharing xx

    1. You def should! I also appreciate your dedication to masks; I feel so lazy and unmotivated, but I would love all the benefits of regular masking. Good luck with the coloring of your hair! And thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂 xx

  3. Your hair looks amazing!! I’m so glad you figured out a solution coz I know how much hair can play into your self confidence! I would loooove to get a conditioning treatment, but all the ones I’ve seen at the hairdressers are crazy expensive, I cant believe you got one so cheap!! Great post xx

    1. Thank you so much! It definitely was a relief. And I know what you mean—I had never even considered a conditioning treatment before, because it always was so so expensive. I lucked out on this super affordable salon! Keep your eyes peeled, you might find something eventually. Thank you so much for reading. xx

  4. I love your hair! It is important that we take care of our hair. The products we pick does a big difference. Pretty cool that the treatment was super cheap as well, considering how prices can add up really quick at the salon. Love the results!

    Nancy ♥

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