Stocking Stuffers that Make Sense

It’s #blogmas, which essentially means an entire month of bloggers sharing their welcomed wisdom, giving pinnable content regarding the holidays. There are reflections, suggestions, and a wealth of information—especially when it comes to gifting ideas; there are posts on just about every type of present and recipient. Gift guides galore.

I love it. There are so many brilliant and fresh ideas, and an original twist on classic holiday fare.

One thing I could do without, though, are unrealistic posts regarding stocking stuffers. We’ve all seen them; listicles with ten items that qualify as a really nice gift, rather than a small and affordable extra. If the present is anywhere close to $60, it belongs under the tree, wrapped and respected and classified as a showstopper, not a sock drop.

So, rather than offer a critique without a solution, here I am. This post is dedicated to legitimate stocking stuffers, meant to be cheap and easy, but still worth hanging on the mantle.

5 Logical, Affordable, and Realistic Stocking Stuffers

1.  Scratch Tickets

In a recent blog post, I described my favorite holiday traditions. Among the highlighted celebrations was receiving scratch tickets on Christmas morning in our stockings. It was a fun and exciting gift to receive, both as a too-little kid who only partly understood where I needed to direct my quarter, and also as an adult that could use an extra buck or two.

These are great for any age, are the standard cost of a lottery ticket, and are so fun to giggle and compare with triumphs and close calls alike.


2. Chocolate Coins

Currency of any form is great on Christmas, though the chocolate kind is extra appreciated. I’m not sure why those cheap gold-wrapped tokens seemed to taste so delicious, but they did.

Maybe other candies or items like gum would work well as a substitute, especially for recipients with any type of intolerance. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a treat with a little bling.

3. Toothbrush

Sure, dental hygiene might not seem like a super fun thing to think about during the holidays. It is, however, a practical piece of every day. So why not throw a toothbrush into the stocking rotation this year? Chances are, the recipients are need for a replacement, especially if they happen to be in college and have skipped their cleanings for the year, since their mom hasn’t called to schedule them an appointment. #AdultingIsHard

4. Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks and blankets are great gifts year-round. There is not a single day that I would not like either one of those. During the holidays especially—when the weather is known for being chilly, dads are notorious for keeping the thermostat turned down, and the floors feeling especially cold on bare toes, fuzzy socks are a winner.

Stock those stockings with a real pair of stockings; one that they can use throughout all seasons, and will be happy to receive.

5. Gift Cards

I know, I know. I’m a broken record. I’ve talked about this before. But only because of my passion for the destigmatization of gift cards.

If you are staunchly against giving gift cards as a main present (despite their ease, versatility, and personable nature), consider them as a perfect stocking stuffer. They are such a great present to receive (if it goes toward a place that the recipient uses and wants to go), and fit so nicely in a sock that hangs over a fireplace.

My favorites are for retailers—like Amazon, Target, TJ Maxx—local restaurants, activities, grocery stores, gas stations, and coffee shops. I could always use a Starbucks gift card, and know many others would love to have one or two of their daily lattes paid for by the power of Christmas.

Stuff those stockings, and stuff them good. I wonder: is there something I’m missing out on? Do I need to fill my husband’s stocking with something that hasn’t crossed my mind in any way, shape, or form? Let me know.

And, of course, happy holidays and merry Christmas!



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