Affordable Touches of Christmas

Christmas is coming, y’all.


Though I have always loved Christmas, it’s taken me a while to jump into the spirit of home decoration. Last year, Chad and I were still in recovery mode after our wedding, and getting into new routines, sorting out new traditions and family nuances. Before that, we were exhausted college students, and used our breaks purely for recovery.

This year, things are different. We are cannon-balling into the holidays, loud, proud, and full of that cheesy cheer.

For the first time ever, I’ve taken the initiative and added a few Christmasy touches to our home. Some are subtle, others not so much. They all, however, are extremely affordable.

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A Tree, Finally

Probably the most exciting (and pricey) addition has been our Christmas Tree. We decided to go the artificial route, waiting until we have a home of our own and maybe a more qualified set of wheels before we go tree-hunting in nature.

For ours, I scoured Amazon until I found this 6-foot affordable number, for only $40 (most nice artificial trees can be around the $220 range). Setup was super easy, and the size is perfect for our townhouse. It’s settled comfortably in a cozy corner, and is decorated with a new set of silver bells, plus ornaments from both our childhoods.

I’m super happy with how it turned out, and have been buzzing to my family and co-workers with “we put up our first tree!” energy.


Tree: $40, Amazon

Lights: $8, from the grocery store
Ornaments: $8, Amazon
Skirt: $3, Target (discount aisle, hellooo)


Lights, Camera, Christmas

This was my first-ever attempt at putting up lights, and it has really upped our game. Our house is so cozy and enchanting now, and I’ve sent probably a dozen Snapchats showcasing my hard work.


I lit up one of our (very small) hallways with silver twinkling fairy lights, and decked out our staircase with copper wire lights. The staircase lights were extremely long (something close to 100 feet), so I had to get a little creative with the wrapping process. These also come with a remote and a whole gambit of display options, which is really exciting and fun to play with.

Fairy Lights: $18, from Amazon
Copper Lights: $20, from Amazon
Staircase Garland: $3 Target deal (yes, again!)

Delightful in the Details

To round up my decor, I decided to sprinkle some details throughout our home.

Target, again, has an amazing stock of small items. That’s where the bulk of our items came from. I looked for things that are small and timeless, and tried to avoid any overly religious signage.


I found some cute signs with classic sayings, a sparkly fake succulent, a small decorative pillow, and a freshly baked cookie-scented candle. I paired these with small touches, such as fake holly and candle holders and small vases that were used as centerpieces at our wedding.

Fake Holly: $8, Amazon
Signs: $3 each, Target
Small Pillow: $5, Target
Candle (not pictured): $5, Target


Cheers to the most magical time of the year!




Affordable christmas decor.png
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7 thoughts on “Affordable Touches of Christmas

  1. I love this, Savannah! Some of your little touches are perfect for people traveling for the holidays but wanting a little pop of holiday decor. Your townhouse looks great and festive!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re really investing a lot into Xmas – but like in a subtle way. I’m a fan of the cushions and the tinsels on the staircase especially! I wish I can say the same for my family and our home at the moment, we’ve got nothing hung up or decorated. Usually by this time everything’s up but for some reason there’s nothing and the house just looks so bland 😣


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