Fall Photo Shoot

Sunshine with Savannah Harvey Gap

I have noticed that when it comes to successful bloggers, they usually thrive on social media when they have vibrant visual representation.

What do I mean? Beauty is privilege, especially if you want to be recognized online. Bloggers, whether they are in fashion, travel, baking, book review, or lifestyle niches, perform best when they are attractive. Most notably, they thrive when they have professional photographs taken.

I wanted to test my own waters. Once I had some content on my blog and came up with a regular posting schedule, I decided to invest in my own photography category. I wanted to beef up my professionalism, while also giving me social media content to work with. So, I teamed up with local photography business Bandits & Thieves, and we drove off to Harvey Gap State Park for a Sunday fall photo shoot.

Adora, the owner and photographer at Bandits & Thieves, styled me with my own clothes. Though she picked out several outfits, we ended up only wearing two.

Outfit 1
Ripped jeans
Burgundy tank top
Leather jacket
Brown Booties

Outfit 2
Black top
Brown Booties

The Experience

I think that I am fairly comfortable in front of a camera. I’ve become more conditioned to work angles that I can see, especially through a selfie, but overall I feel as though I can take directions.

Adora’s style was more about being candid and fluid. I walked a lot and spent time staring out and thinking. I twirled and whirled. I laughed. I sat and peered at the water behind me. She also taught me how to make my eyes pop.

Overall, it was a little awkward and chilly, but still fun. I have other shoots set up for the future, and am looking forward to having some variety—location, tone, and my appearance will all be altered a little differently.

Check out a few shots from my fall-time shoot below.


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6 thoughts on “Fall Photo Shoot

  1. Photos can make or break a blogger. And good pictures and better pictures are something I always work hard on as a blogger

    1. It can be tough! I feel an additional pressure when traveling to take the perfect shot, or always have my makeup done in case a photo opportunity arises. People really do gravitate toward visual stimulation. Thanks for reading!

  2. Your photoshoot photos are stunning, the location is beautiful! I agree with you, professional photos on a blog can make such a big difference, it’s a good idea if you struggle with taking ‘professional’ photo’s to pay for a photoshoot and get a load of photo’s for a few blog posts 🙂

    Chloe xx

  3. It’s always good to invest in photography as many are visual beings, your audience is more likely to engage when they adore the photography associated with a post. Keep stepping out of your comfort zone and stay fabulous!

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

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