Quick and Easy Halloween 2018, Nine-Nine Style

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a terrific show.

It has so much going for it, including hilarious jokes, well-developed characters, and a level of diversity that makes television worth watching.


This year for Halloween, Chad and I procrastinated and allowed the holiday to creep up on us without giving it any preparation or thought. It was mid-week, and we never made any plans for the weekend before or after. For us, Halloween this year was a bit of a dud.

In the spirit of fun and creativity, however, we decided that we would still dress up, even if only for a quick picture.

We decided to dress up as two beloved Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters, Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta, played by Melissa Fumero and Andy Samberg.


Amy Santiago. She's got seven brothers, so she's always trying to prove she's tough.

Jacob Peralta is my best Detective. He likes putting away bad guys and he loves solving puzzles. The only puzzle he hasn't solved is how to grow up.

In the show, these two ended the last season with a wedding. They are both incredibly sharp, funny, and bring a charm to the show as a whole. Santiago’s character is very type-a and organized (similar to some of my own traits), while Peralta is more of an endearing mess (similarities to Chad will go without comment). 😉

Our costumes were very basic and quick. For the Santiago look, I went with a black pant, pint button up shirt (coral probably would’ve been best), and a black suit jacket. My hair was slicked back into a bun; I wetted it down to darken the color, and used eye shadow to tint my eyebrows black.

Chad had an even more simple approach, with a plaid shirt and jeans. If we’d gone out, he could’ve easily rocked a leather jacket and casual sneakers to complete the look.

Our poses were a good mix of apprehensive and goofy, similar to the two of them in the show.

Maybe with a little more time and preparation, we could have done the characters justice. For this year, though, bringing Santiago and Peralta into our home was the kind of holiday cheer we needed.




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